Larry Caputo girlfriend: Who is the Long Island Medium husband dating?

Larry Caputo on Long Island Medium
Larry Caputo has moved on from Theresa. Pic credit: TLC

Larry Caputo has been separated from his wife Theresa Caputo for nearly a year now. The Long Island Medium couple announced their separation last year and the divorce was officially filed back in April. Now that a new season is airing, fans want to know everything about Larry and Theresa’s split and who they are dating.

Over the summer, Larry Caputo revealed to TMZ that he was seeing someone but didn’t give any details. Of course, that set the super sleuths in motion to find out everything about who the former Long Island Medium star was seeing.

It turns out that Larry Caputo’s girlfriend is Connie Stauddy. She was a huge fan of Long Island Medium and that is how the two reportedly met. According to Heavy, Stauddy reached out to try and get a reading with Theresa Caputo and evidently, she kept in contact with Larry.

The time frame of when the two began their relationship is a little murky. They have been spotted out together but not much else is known about them. They reside in separate states and are doing a long distance thing for now. Connie is based in Alabama and Larry is in California.

Both are working through failed marriages, something that is thought to have been a connecting point for Connie Stauddy and Larry Caputo. While it looks like they are having fun, the direction of their relationship is still up in the air.

After seeing Larry and Theresa Caputo sit face-to-face on the latest episode of Long Island Medium, there are plenty of people wishing the two would reconcile. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. Larry has moved on with Connie Stauddy and it is unclear if Theresa is dating again or is remaining single.

Long Island Medium airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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