Larissa Manoela hits the beach in a green bikini

Larissa Manoela takes a selfie close up
Larissa Manoela has been rocking a green bikini while soaking up the rays. Pic credit: @larissamanoela/Instagram

Brazilian actress Larissa Manoela has been hanging out on the beach, and she was looking incredible in a stunning green bikini.

Like many Brazilian natives, Larissa loves the beach and regularly posts pictures and videos of herself hanging out in the sands wearing a variety of different swimwear.

And yesterday, the multi-talented actress, singer, model, and entrepreneur took to the beach to soak up some rays.

Larissa jumped onto her Instagram Story to post a stunning pic of her lying on a towel on her back as she gazed up at the camera. The actress was clothed in a gorgeous two-piece green bikini, an outfit that showed off her stunningly well-toned physique.

The sun was clearly beating down because Larissa had one eye firmly closed, and her hand was on her brow, shielding her from the rays.

Larissa wasn’t wearing much in the way of accessories, but she did have three matching gold studs in her ear, and she was wearing long nails colored a pale sapphire blue. Her fish-shaped tattoo was also visible on her right upper thigh.

Over the image, Larissa wrote in Portuguese, “Aos poucos a fantasmi,” which roughly translates into English as “little by little the ghost.”

Larissa Manoela in a green bikini
Pic credit: @larissamanoela/Instagram

Judging from a separate permanent Instagram post, Larissa spent quite a bit of time at the beach yesterday, but she wasn’t just lying around; she was exercising quite a bit too.

Larissa Manoela exercises in running shorts on the beach

Larissa posted several photos of herself going for a run along a picturesque beach in Rio de Janeiro. She was rocking some exercise gear in a pair of red Puma running shorts and a Puma black sports bra. She accessorized with a baseball cap and some sunglasses, plus a massive grin.

There was also a short clip of Larissa playing volleyball where she appeared to be wearing the same green bikini top from the above pic, paired with the red shorts.

Larissa Manoela has a massive following across social media

Larissa is a big star across all of social media, including TikTok, where she has a rapidly growing follower base. She is already at 26.6 million, and that number is only like to move upward.

In her bio, Larissa claims to be on a quest to understand the dances on this particular social media platform. She has a ton of videos on there, and a lot of them feature dancing, but also included are funny sketches, lip-synching, and fashion.

Fans of Larissa can also catch her on YouTube, where she is not far off one million subscribers.

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