Larissa Lima says Corey Rathgeber ‘used’ her to get Evelin Villegas’ attention

Evelin, Corey and Larissa from 90 Day Fiance
Larissa feels used after her night out with Corey. Pic credit: TLC

It turns out that Corey Rathgeber’s night out in Las Vegas was all just a ploy to get Evelin Villegas jealous. At least that’s what Larissa Lima has to say about it.

As many 90 Day Fiance fans recall, after rumblings of a split between Corey and Evelin, he popped up in Las Vegas and went out with Larissa for a night of gambling and drinking.

She claims he even asked for a kiss, which she reportedly turned down because Larissa doesn’t kiss on the first date.

It’s probably a good thing that Larissa stuck by her no-kissing rule too. Because now, she is claiming that Corey and Evelin “deserve each other,” and she’s upset because she feels like Corey was using her.

“Yes, it was a date based on all the effort he made and all the texts he sent to me,” Larissa told Us Weekly.

Larissa posted photos and videos of her night out with Corey, which quickly caught Evelin’s attention. She went on a rampage, calling Larissa all kinds of names and even talking about how terrible Corey is.

Corey immediately claimed that he was having a friendly get together with Larissa, just like his many get-togethers with Annie and David, but both Evelin and Larissa disagreed.

In fact, Larissa claims that Corey did all of the pursuing and that he asked her out. She also claimed that he told her he was a single man when they were on their date.

But after Evelin called Corey out, he backtracked in a major way. On Instagram, Corey continued denying that his night out with Larissa was a date.

On Instagram, he wrote, “Evelin is my world. I’m attracted to Evelin not to her. She deserves the best and I love her with all my heart.”

There were questions about whether Corey’s post was an attempt to win Evelin back. Some thought he was trying to convince 90 Day Fiance fans that he and Evelin were still together to not break his NDA (or hers) and keep things tidy as their storyline played out.

But now, Larissa is speaking out, and she isn’t a fan of Corey anymore.

“She can have him,” Larissa told Us Weekly about Corey and Evelin. “Obviously he used me and got what he wants, attention.”

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