Landon Barker confirms Charli D’Amelio is his girlfriend ‘again’ after breakup rumors

Landon Barker and Charli D'Amelio pose for selfies on their Instagram accounts
Landon Barker confirmed that he and Charli D’Amelio are back together after breakup rumors. Pic credit: @landonasherbarker/@charlidamelio/Instagram

Landon Barker offered a relationship status update to his followers over the Christmas weekend. He confirmed that he and D’Amelio were dating “again” after they were the center of cheating and breakup rumors.

While it was only speculated that he and D’Amelio had split recently, Barker seemingly confirmed that the two broke up and have since reconciled. He shared the news with a sweet mirror selfie with D’Amelio.

In the photo, Barker was facing the mirror with his arms around D’Amelio who stood with her back to the mirror and her head burrowed in Barker’s shoulder.

All that was visible of D’Amelio was her long brunette locks and the back of her black outfit. Barker was also matching her in a full black ensemble.

Only Barker’s eyes were visible over his phone and D’Amelio’s head, as well as his tousled dark hair. In the caption, Barker wrote, “She’s my girl friend again.”

Barker seemed to be referencing D’Amelio though her face wasn’t shown in the photo. She later followed up on her own Instagram Story with another mirror selfie of her and Barker, thus, confirming his post.

Landon Barker and Charli D’Amelio break-up rumors explained

Barker’s post came just a little over a week after D’Amelio spoke out and denied rumors that she was cheating on Barker. Despite D’Amelio’s denial, rumors continued to flow that the two had split.

Landon Barker and Charli D'Amelio pose for a mirror selfie on Barker's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @landonasherbarker/Instagram

The rumors arose on December 11, after The Tea Tok Talk posted photos of D’Amelio at a party with another boy, Alex Novian. The Tea Tok Talk speculated about who the “mystery man” was and insinuated D’Amelio might be seeing someone in addition to Barker.

One photo showed D’Amelio standing next to Novian while looking at her phone, while another showed them cozying up to one another while posing for a photo. However, D’Amelio responded to the first photo and stated that she was merely “standing next to someone” and that people should “calm down.”

While D’Amelio slammed the cheating allegations, she did not explicitly confirm that she and Barker were still dating. However, following Barker’s Instagram Story, she quickly backed him up with her photo confirming they are back together.

Charli D'Amelio and Landon Barker pose for a mirror selfie on Barker's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @charlidamelio/Instagram

It is unclear when the couple broke up before getting back together again. December 5 was the date that Barker had seemingly confirmed the pair were dating after breakup speculation arose from him deleting his five-month anniversary post with D’Amelio.

Hence, the split may have occurred between December 5th and Christmas.

Barker’s and D’Amelio’s relationship timeline

Barker and D’Amelio were first speculated to be dating this past summer. Rumors arose after they were spotted leaving a Machine Gun Kelly concert afterparty while holding hands.

By July, the pair had begun to subtly appear on each other’s Instagrams. On July 5, D’Amelio posted photos of her and Barker attending a 4th of July party together.

By mid-July, D’Amelio officially confirmed her relationship with Barker and spoke out about it for the first time. Talking to Entertainment Tonight, D’Amelio said her favorite thing about Barker was that, “He’s just very sweet.”

Since then, the two have continued to show support for one another. Recently, Barker enthusiastically supported D’Amelio when she competed in Dancing with the Stars.

Meanwhile, D’Amelio took to Instagram to celebrate Barker’s 19th birthday. She marked the occasion with several sweet photos of the two cozying up to one another.

Despite a seemingly short break up, the couple is now back on as of Christmas.

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