Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks feud over Kanye West escalates when Del Rey challenges Banks to pull up

Lana Del Rey poses in a car selfie for Instagram
Lana Del Rey looks rather unassuming but she’s ready to teach Azealia Banks a lesson. Pic credit: @lanadelrey/Instagram

Lane Del Rey and Azealia Banks have locked into an unlikely feud and it’s taken a rather ugly turn. Azealia is known for sparking up some drama with seemingly anyone that she can but she probably didn’t expect Del Rey’s response and quite honestly, neither did we.

It all started when Lana expressed an opinion to Kanye West about his support of Donald Trump. In the comments section of a photo Kanye posted to Instagram, Lana chastised Kanye for his support of the president and called him out for ruining “the culture.”

That’s when Azealia Banks, who clearly pays attention to social media comments, took aim at Lana Del Rey. In multiple Instagram Live messages (turn your volume up) she rants at length about Lana, with the main takeaway being, “I’m tired of white women in Hollywood and their fake a** innocent agendas.”

Banks went on about how Del Rey has no right to have an opinion on anything Kanye West believes in and then suggested that the Young and Beautiful singer should apologize to Kanye. Things took a wrong turn when Azealia took shots at Lana Del Rey’s looks during her rant, causing a bit of a backlash.

Azealia commented on Lana’s assumed plastic surgery and fired several low blows about the way she looks. She went so far as to suggest Del Rey needed some weight loss lollipops and furthered her reputation as the hip hop villain.

Based on Lana Del Rey’s reaction to Azealia Banks’ rant, it looks like a Kanye West apology is the farthest thing from her mind. Instead, she took aim at Azealia on Twitter and invited the Anna Wintour rapper to drop by her house.


Lana Del Rey sent a tweet during the Azealia Banks feud making it clear that she will fight her
Lana Del Rey responds to Azealia Banks’ suggestion that she Apologize to Kanye West. Pic credit: @LanaDelRey/Twitter

Then, Lana responded to Azealia Banks’ criticism of her looks Lana when she offered up her plastic surgeon’s number to the queen of feuds and also suggested her personal psychiatrist.

Those looking for an actual fight between Lana Del Rey and Azealia Banks might be disappointed. In response to Lana’s invite to come to her house, Azealia informed her that she was consulting her lawyer.

Clearly unfazed, Lana suggested that Azealia should let her lawyer know that “it’s a promise not a threat.”

At this point, it seems like half of Twitter is waiting to see what Azealia Banks’ lawyer has to say. As far as the new feud with Lana Del Rey, it doesn’t look like either of these ladies are backing down.

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