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Lana Condor is ‘vibrant’ in thigh-skimming minidress

Lana Condor
Lana Condor is stylish in New York for the summer. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Comedy star Lana Condor is back in New York after a vacation to Hawaii, and she’s been blessing her followers with posts rather frequently since her return.

It’s not uncommon to see the actress share snaps of her life with her fiance, their dogs, great meals, and what book she’s currently reading.

After stepping into another lead role and a new role as an executive producer on her newest Netflix series, it looks like Lana might be showing off a little bit of modeling prowess.

Tagging her location as East Hampton, New York, Lana showed off some balancing skills in a stylish Valentino outfit.

She shared her latest post with her 11+ million Instagram followers, gathering over 131,000 likes since it was posted.

She wrote, “It’s giving vibrancy!!! It’s giving [Maison Valentino] … it’s also giving balance.”

Lana Condor ‘balances’ in heels and minidress

The actress definitely put on a bit of a balancing act while showing off some of her modeling skills in her latest post.

The post opens with a full-body shot of her as she stands on one foot, her other leg bent back and raised to her knee.

She was wearing white platform heels, making the act of balancing a bit trickier.

Lana was dressed in a three-quarter sleeve minidress that fell above her knees. The dress had an almost tie-dye pattern in circles of white, orange, and gold.

The glittering garment had a small matching purse emblazoned with the Valentino logo.

Her “summer in the Hamptons” follows the release of her latest Netflix comedy series, Boo, Bitch.

Lana Condor talks about Vietnamese representation in newest series

Lana may be best known for her role as Lara Jean Covey in the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy, a Korean-American high schooler being raised by her father after her mother has passed.

However, Lana herself was adopted from Vietnam as a baby, and though it isn’t a main plot point, Lana made sure to add Vietnamese homage to her character Erika Vu in Netflix’s Boo, Bitch.

Lana told Harper’s Bazaar, “When we were creating the characters and we were casting, I remember being pretty adamant about wanting to cast a Vietnamese family and wanting also for her to have a classic Vietnamese last name. … Her parents are super cool, her parents want her to go out, her parents flip her off, her parents are sassy. And especially when she goes to Bad B***h [mode], they don’t take her s**t, and I really wanted to show a Vietnamese family with those characteristics to kind of show the world that all families are different.”

Along with wanting certain traits for Erika’s family, Lana used her role as an executive producer on the show to address stereotypes of Asian families and write things a bit differently for the Vu family than what’s usually shown on screen.

“I think there might be this stereotype that is like, ‘Oh, all Asian people come from families [with] tiger moms and all these things.’ As true as that is for someone’s experience, it’s not everyone’s experience, and I think it was really important for me to want to show kind of a crazy Asian family. Because they’re out there! That was another example of [how] me being a producer [meant] that request was actually listened to. I wouldn’t have had that power if I didn’t produce it and I was just acting in it.”

Boo, Bitch is now streaming on Netflix.

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