Lady Gaga sizzles in sequins with a deep V-neck for Haus Labs 

Lady Gaga stuns in plunging top.
Lady Gaga stuns in plunging top. Pic credit: ©

Lady Gaga was the picture of Old Hollywood glamor in new photos she shared on social media.

The House of Gucci actress shared photos with a plunging black V-neck. Similar to Gigi Hadid at her recent birthday celebration, Gaga rocked a glittery eye.

Lady Gaga is one of many celebrities with a beauty line. Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande all have makeup lines as well.

Lady Gaga dazzles in a stunning sequin and deep v-neck look

Lady Gaga was sure to credit her entire team, who helped her make the look possible. 

Her white under-eyeliner made her gorgeous green eyes pop. 

The caption shared her waterline product, “Eyedentify Gel Pencil in Aura in the waterline to open up the eyes.” Her hair was in an elegant updo that further allowed her face to shine.

She also had black-winged eye-liner that added to the dramatic effect of her look. Her glittery gold eye shadow allowed the look to go to the next level.  She wrote in the caption, “Stock up on your @hauslabs products while you still can on #makeup breakdown by @sarahtannomakeup.”

The caption detailed how fans could replicate her look using Gaga products of course! Gaga also tweeted, “What’s happening at @hauslabs,” further generating buzz. 

Screenshot of Lady Gaga's tweet.
Pic credit: @ladygaga/Twitter

Lady Gaga launches Haus Labs with a goal of inclusivity

When Lady Gaga launched Haus Labs, she was clear that the brand would be inclusive. She told Allure, “I would like all gender identities to know very clearly that they are included, and never exploited, ever.”

Gaga drove this point home in an interview. She said, “This company exists in an influential space in culture where we say, ‘Our Haus. Your Rules.’ And everyone is welcome—all gender identities.”

Lady Gaga played a big role in Haus Laboratories

Lady Gaga shared why she wanted to do the line and that she was heavily involved. In an interview with Oprah and Elle Magazine, she said, “I wanted to do it because (a), I had the time—I wanted to put everything into it, which I do with everything that I do. I don’t just put a company together, hire a staff, and have them do it. I said this the other night at our launch: ‘My fingerprints are all over this. It’s a crime scene.’” 

Gaga continued to explain her platform and the importance of using it. She told Oprah, “I felt that I had the platform and had built the foundation around what I stand for, so that when this company came out, it would be a rebellion in a kind way against the status quo of beauty as it is today, which is in many ways on social media, a competition. It’s a beauty pageant in a lot of ways.”

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