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Kylie Jenner shares racy Instagram video featuring her curvy behind

Kylie Jenner twirls in a new Instagram video.
Kylie Jenner shows off her curves in a racy Instagram video. Pic credit: ©

Kylie Jenner just shared her “girls’ night” fun on Instagram in a new video. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star showed off her curves in a skin-tight dress as she spun around.

When Keeping Up With The Kardashians first began, it was Kim Kardashian who earned the most fame for her impressively sized derriere. Then came Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, joining Kim in showing off their curves on social media and at glamorous red-carpet events.

In contrast, Kylie and Kendall Jenner stayed in the shadows of their big sisters, giggling as they watched Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney go for ever more revealing styles.

But as Kylie’s newest Instagram shows, the youngest Jenner has come a long way since those no-make-up, pigtail days!

Kylie chose a stylishly sleek frock for the event, looking glamorous with her long dark hair and dark ensemble.

Kylie Jenner twirls in her ‘girls night’ video

Apparently, “girls night” includes some playfulness.¬†As Kylie happily twirls and twists, she flicks her long hair looking like Cher.

Click the arrow on Instagram, and there’s a second video, with Jenner dancing again.¬†But it doesn’t stop there. Click again, and the third video shows Kylie receiving a backside pat from a pal.

Jenner makes it clear that going for the supposed cover-up power of a maxi dress doesn’t mean covering all the curves.

Kylie Jenner has become the maxi dress queen

With her newest Instagram video as well as past photos, we’re dubbing Jenner, the maxi dress queen.

Kylie can carry off a maxi just as stylishly as a mini dress. It’s not an easy task, because maxi dresses can overpower the wearer.¬†Rather than turn her maxi frocks into fabric overload, however, Jenner has learned to choose crisply cut designs in simple shades.

And for those seeking to follow celebrity fashion trends in the new year, the Huff Post recently praised both mini dresses and maxi dresses as ideal for ringing in 2010.

It looks like Kylie is right on top of that trend.

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