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Kylie Jenner Playboy cover: Pleasure Issue sells out as racy teaser pics arrive online

kylie jenner at 74th golden globes event
Reality TV star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner to appear in Playboy Pleasure Issue. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/HollywoodNewsWire

After a recent tease of her upcoming appearance in the magazine, the stunning Kylie Jenner Playboy cover photo has now arrived an online. In addition, Playboy revealed a few more teaser images from Jenner’s appearance in their special fall 2019 issue.

All of the racy images and publicity have also led to an early sell-out for the upcoming magazine issue, but there are still ways to get a copy.

Official Kylie Jenner Playboy cover photo

When a tease of Kylie Jenner’s Pleasure Issue appearance arrived a few days ago, it sent Twitter users and the internet as a whole into a frenzy. With the billionaire cosmetics mogul and reality TV star set to follow in sister Kim Kardashian’s footsteps, there will be some differences.

One of the first comes with Kylie Jenner’s Playboy cover. Unlike Kim K’s cover, Kylie’s face isn’t on the cover of the magazine. Instead, her cover shot features a look at the front of her body in lacy red lingerie and appropriately, a sparkly Playboy logo necklace. Here it is, as revealed by Playboy on Friday the 13th.

So far, the Kylie Jenner Playboy cover photo reveal has been met with mixed reactions. There are some simply commenting with fire emojis to show their approval. Others are disapproving of Jenner as a choice for the magazine pages calling her “fake” or unworthy of the honor. Still, it’s hard to argue against her relevance in pop culture based on her success.

Another difference from Kim K’s appearance may be the fact the magazine is now a quarterly rather than monthly or bi-monthly. Kylie’s Playboy issue is the Fall 2019 Pleasure Issue.

Other Kylie Playboy teaser pics revealed

In addition to Kylie’s cover image reveal, Playboy also unveiled a few more teaser images to promote Jenner’s upcoming issue. In this photo, she appears in a one-piece white swimsuit with stylish brown boots. She’s also in a seated pose right at boyfriend Travis Scott’s legs as she looks seductively at the camera.

In the other photo that Playboy revealed, Kylie is wearing even less. In this photo, she simply has a transparent bluish sheet or wrap over her body. Once again, it’s a faceless image, just like Kylie’s Playboy cover. However, it appears to have racked up the likes with over 420,000 as of this report.

It’s been pointed out by many comments that Kylie’s body parts are “fake,” although other commenters have made it known that other Playboy celebs or models also have fake body parts. That aside, Kylie’s appearance is proving to be quite popular.

The Kylie Jenner Playboy issue, which is a collaboration with boyfriend Travis Scott, is the Pleasure Issue. Playboy provided a link for their online shop so customers could pre-order the issue days ago. It now says “sold out” even with a price tag of $24.99.

However, the site recommends interested individuals head to their local newsstand or Barnes & Noble to try to buy a copy. The new Playboy Pleasure Issue officially arrives on Tuesday, September 17.

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