Krystal Ball’s party photos resurface after Rush Limbaugh comments

Krystal Ball
Krystal Ball reacts to Rush Limbaugh’s claim that she posed nude as a teenager. Pic credit: The Hill/YouTube

Conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh said Krystal Ball, the news anchor on Rising with the Hill’s Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, “posed nude when she was 14 or 15.” Since that statement, Ball’s old party photos resurfaced online.

However, none of the old photos, first leaked in 2010 during her failed bid for Congress, show her posing nude.

Limbaugh made the allegation during his radio show on September 4, while talking about how people’s social media activity can return to haunt them later.

Limbaugh tried to illustrate his argument by making an example of Krystal Ball.

“Remember the name Krystal Ball with a K? Some thought she was attractive,” Limbaugh said. “She was running for Congress, and she got elected, and some tweets came out.”

He alleged that Ball had posed nude as a teenager and that the photos resurfaced online when she was running for congress in 2010.

However, Ball responded to Limbaugh’s allegation by explaining that the photos were leaked private photos. She also revealed and that she was not nude in any of the pictures (see them in the 2012 YouTube video below).

She also explained that the photos, which show her posing with a sex toy, were taken after she had left college. She was not a teenager at the time.

Ball’s co-host, Saagar Enjeti, also reacted to Limbaugh’s comments.

But some noted that Rush Limbaugh issued a correction of his statement that Ball posed nude.

This controversy is not the first time Ball has been forced to talk publicly about the photos. She released a statement after the photos were first leaked in 2010 when she was running to represent Virginia’s 1st congressional district in the House of Representatives.

“It’s sexist and it’s wrong, regardless of political party,” she said in her statement. “And I have a message for any young woman who is thinking about running for office and has ever attended a costume party with her husband or done anything stupid on camera. Run for office. Fight for this country. Don’t let this sort of tactic deter you.”

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