Kristin Davis helps raise thousands to save orphaned elephants and protect other wildlife

Kristin Davis with an orphaned elephant
Kristin Davis with one of the orphaned elephants the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has helped rescue

Kristin Davis has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help save orphaned elephants and protect wildlife in Kenya.

The Sex and the City star is a patron for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which runs an elephant orphanage and also works on a huge range of other conservation efforts.

This week she and two anonymous donors gave a total of $370,000 to match donations made to the organization on #GivingTuesday — the global day of giving back which follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Another $370,000 was raised through donations from members of the public, which when matched meant the organization raised a total of $740,000 to aid its conservation efforts.

Kristin yesterday posted a message on her Instagram thanking all those who donated. She said: “I cannot thank everyone who donated to @dswt enough! Though we may seem like a big org., we are really very small . No advertising , no marketing, very small over head. But what we do on the ground is HUGE!

“Your donations make it possible to Raise orphaned ? + release them back into the wild, Patrol Kenya’s National parks to keep ALL of the animals safe, multiple vet units avail for any wounded animal. The list goes on…. None of it possible without YOU! So Thank you ALL ?????? .”

The DSWT had previously thanked Kristin and the two anonymous donations after they raised the matched giving pot to $370,000 from an initial $250,000.

As well as rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned baby elephants before releasing them back into the wild, the DSWT also works to conserve all wildlife as well as wilderness areas in Kenya — home to famous national parks like Tsavo and the Maasai Mara.

Wildlife numbers across Africa have dropped dramatically in recent decades through a combination of things like poaching and human-wildlife conflict.

In addition to its #GivingTuesday fundraising efforts, the DSWT runs a scheme year-round where members of the public can “foster” orphaned elephants, and also accepts regular donations to help pay for its conservation efforts which include running anti-poaching teams, mobile veterinary units to help injured animals, and community outreach — to work with local communities to help people and wildlife to co-exist in harmony.

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