Kristin Cavallari looks amazing as she poses for mirror selfie on vacation

Kristin Cavallari on the red carpet.
Kristin Cavallari rocked a weekend bikini look. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Kristin Cavallari is living her best life in Mexico.

The blonde beauty shared photographs from a Mexican getaway, and it appears she is enjoying her time away.

It was bikini time for Jay Culter’s ex-wife, who knocked it out of the park.

Kristin stood in front of a full-length mirror, donning the bikini she chose to wear for the weekend.

She donned a black bikini with tied sides on the bottom and a halter top. Her blonde hair was hidden under a floppy beach hat.

Everything was tied together with a fresh-faced look.

Kristin Cavallari bikini selfie.
Pic credit: @kristincavallari/Instagram

Kristin Cavallari takes some time away

As a mom of three, Kristin Cavallari has a busy life. Not only does she have to manage everything that goes along with her kids, but she is also a businesswoman.

Kristin has been busy filming her podcast and promoting her Uncommon James brand.

From The Hills to now, Kristin has remained a style icon for her generation. Teen girls were eager to wear the latest fashion she donned on her show; now, her peers want to know how she does it all.

But it looks like taking some time away from the hustle and bustle of life is something Kristin makes a priority. Mexico appears to be one of her favorite places, as she was there not long ago enjoying some downtime.

Kristin Cavallari stays fit

Kristin Cavallari looks good in almost anything. From a bikini to a business casual look, the blonde beauty always brings her A-game.

In a conversation with Us Weekly, Kristin revealed that fitness is very important to her.

When talking about her fitness routine, she told the publication, “I lift weights, but I do circuit training to keep my heart rate up. I also started doing hot yoga every once in a while. I don’t do it as often as I would like, but I love it when I’m able to make it happen.”

As for her diet, there are a few tips and tricks Kristin uses to remain fit. She mentioned eating dinner earlier in the evening, around the same time she feeds her children. It helps her sleep better.

There isn’t a specific diet Kristin follows. Most of the time, she sticks to eating food that is clean and in its most natural state. She also bragged about including fats in her diet, including butter.

Kristin made an important point about how her diet is a lifestyle, not a fad diet or something else that wouldn’t last. She makes good choices most of the time but leaves room for some unhealthy stuff along the way.

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