Kristin Cavallari stuns in LBD for retro-themed photo shoot

Kristin Cavallari close up.
Kristin Cavallari is stunning in her black mini dress and retro-styled room. Pic credit: @kristincavallari/Instagram

All eyes were on Kristin Cavallari as she posed along the floor in a gorgeous, vibrant-colored room.

The Laguna Beach alum looked incredible as she was styled in a pretty black dress while she was surrounded by retro decor.

Kristin certainly celebrated her Valentine’s Day a little differently as she gave her fans an unexpected twist.

No male energy was present in the picture that she shared. However, she held a Ken-like doll in her hand while it appeared she was holding a knife in the other.

Kristin has been known for her humorous personality, and this shot perfectly demonstrates that.

While she held the Ken doll tightly in her hand, the actress placed an array of Valentine’s Day cards on the ground by her feet.

Kristin Cavallari is stunning in all-black for a nostalgic retro vibe

Even though Valentine’s Day might not be one of Kristin’s favorite holidays, she certainly made a statement with her stellar fit.

The reality star decided to go with a black, low-cut mini dress that fell to her mid-thigh. The dress was perfect for Kristin as it accentuated her slender yet toned figure.

She coordinated the dress with a pair of black leather boots that fell right below her knees.

Kristin’s hair was parted over to one side while she styled her blonde locks in light waves that flowed down the front of her black fit.

As for her makeup, the blonde beauty went with a sun-kissed look. She added some mascara, a nice touch of bronzer along her cheeks, and some peachy lips.

Kristin Cavallari in black mini dress.
Kristin Cavallari poses in her LBD for a special, Barbie-themed moment. Pic credit: @kristincavallari/Instagram

However, Kristin’s glowing complexion wasn’t the only thing that stood out. The room that Kristin sat in was flooded with pretty, pink-colored items.

In the background sat a hot-pink fridge, a pink and teal-colored TV, a pink lamp, a pink oven, and a retro-styled phone. There was also a Barbie sign on the wall and some palm tree wall decor.

Kristin certainly nailed this look as she simultaneously got to live out her Barbie fantasy on Valentine’s Day.

Kristin Cavallari hosts the Back To The Beach podcast with Stephen Colletti

The exciting moment that every Laguna Beach fan has been waiting for is now over.

Kristin, along with her friend and former boyfriend Stephen Colletti, teamed up to create their very own podcast dedicated to the infamous reality TV show Laguna Beach.

The two Laguna Beach alums started the first season earlier last year and it consisted of 22 episodes.

However, in the last episode, Kristin and Stephen surprised fans by inviting Lauren Conrad, more famously known as LC, onto the show.

This particular episode revolved around past feuds between the love triangle and relationship drama that seemed to linger throughout the Laguna Beach seasons.

However, luckily for fans, it seems as though the trio has made amends as they smiled periodically while reminiscing about silly drama from the past.

In more recent news, Kristin announced that she and her long-time friend Stephen were back for another exciting season of Back To The Beach.

Kristin took to her Instagram with the news as she linked the second season’s first episode in her Story.

In the picture, Kristin and Stephen stood side by side as they both smiled at the camera. Both reality stars styled in denim and looked perfect for their second-season promo.

Back To The Beach Podcast
Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti promote their new season of Back To The Beach. Pic credit: @kristincavallari/Instagram

Fans can now stream the first episode on Spotify or watch it on YouTube.

This is a season that fans certainly won’t want to miss, as the two Laguna Beach stars will dive even deeper into the drama while surprising fans with a handful of new, special guests.

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