Kristin Cavallari strikes a pose for Valentine’s themed photo shoot

Kristin Cavallari close up
Kristin Cavallari posed in a red bed with a pink lace bra as she enjoyed a Valentine’s themed photoshoot. Pic credit: © Lujano/AdMedia

Kristin Cavallari may be single this Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t stop her from getting in touch with her sexier side as she enjoyed an intimate photoshoot with what appeared to be a day of love theme.

The former Laguna Beach star struck several poses on a bed covered in red silk blankets while the rest of the room was all in the same color; the walls, roof, and what appeared to be literally everything.

Kristin shared behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, which showed her camera person hard at work getting pictures of what looked like the reality star eating a Hershey’s Kiss.

She sat on her knees in bed as she looked at the camera with a sultry gaze and wore an outfit that matched the photoshoot theme.

Kristin was decked out in a pair of high-waisted red pants, while up top, she wore nothing but a pink lace bra that added a romantic vibe to the scene.

Madonna’s famous song Vogue played in the background as she got into character, appearing to love the camera and the attention.

Her blonde tresses were in their usual beach waves, and though her makeup wasn’t visible, she likely had a darker eye and lipstick that would show well on camera.

It’s unclear if Kristin was perhaps posing for her jewelry brand, Uncommon James, or simply getting some Instagram posts ready.

Kristin Cavallari sitting on a red bed in a lace bra for a photoshoot
Kristin Cavallari enjoyed a Valentine’s Day photoshoot. Pic credit: @kristincavallari/Instagram

Kristin Cavallari is the founder of the jewelry brand Uncommon James

Kristin went from reality star on Laguna Beach and The Hills to founder of her own jewelry brand, which has been going from strength to strength since she launched it in 2017.

In an interview with Tom Ward, Kristin claimed she was most proud of the fact that she has played a part in every single aspect of her brand, including responding to customer service emails and helping with shipping.

She claimed she was really happy that she could tell her employees she had been in their shoes and could understand what they are going through since she has done it.

In December 2022, Kristin told People, “I wanted a collection of jewelry that was trendy yet affordable. At the time, there weren’t many jewelry companies doing the dainty, effortless look and that was what I’ve always been personally drawn to.”

The brand has expanded exponentially since its launch, adding skincare, apparel, and accessories, as well as home items.

The most recent edition to the brand is the Out of Office collection, featuring the Stacked Ring for $52 and the Pink Lustre Bracelet for $48.

Kristin co-hosts the Back to the Beach podcast with ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti

When she’s not busy working on Uncommon James, Kristin has found time for a little fun in the form of a podcast called Back to the Beach with ex-boyfriend and former Laguna beach co-star Stephen Colletti.

The pair have reminisced on all the drama that went down during Season 1 of the show and have now moved on to Season 2.

They frequently interview former cast members, including Trey Philips, Talon Torriero, and even former love triangle member, Lauren Conrad.

Of course, the best part of the show is all the behind-the-scenes tidbits that fans didn’t get to know at the time, including the fact that there was nobody on the other end of the phone the majority of the time people were seen talking on them.

Who said reality television was scripted?

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