Kristin Cavallari shows off toned body while ‘leaving it all behind’

Kristin Cavallari attends NBC Universal Summer Press Day
Kristin Cavallari stunned in white undergarments while posing on a staircase. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Kristin Cavallari showed off her impressive physique for a staircase photo in her underwear. The 36-year-old TV personality posed for the picture in Venice Beach, California, and shared it alongside a cheeky caption.

The photo was taken from behind while Cavallari ascended a stone staircase. The image captured her leaning against the smooth stone wall and posing with both hands pressed against it.

Meanwhile, she went barefoot for the photo and wore only a white t-shirt and white bottoms. She also had an anklet around one of her ankles.

Her outfit and pose showed off her incredibly fit physique, including her flawless long legs. The muscles on her calf were visible as she pushed off of one foot while climbing the stairs.

Cavallari went minimal with both her outfit and her accessories. Aside from her anklet and some fingernail polish, she didn’t accessorize her outfit further.

She also opted to wear her blonde locks loose, parted in the middle, and tucked behind one ear.

Kristin Cavallari posed on the staircase for a post-birthday update

Cavallari’s staircase photo came just two days after she celebrated her 36th birthday. Perhaps her recent birthday got her thinking along the lines of leaving some things behind.

Whether it meant something about a fresh start or not, her caption was a fun play on words as she wrote, “Leaving it all behind me.”

Two days earlier, she welcomed her 36th birthday in a similar humorous manner. Cavallari shared a single birthday photo of her looking down at her birthday treat and candle.

In the caption, she was mostly just grateful that she’s “still able to say mid-thirties” for her age. Though not too thrilled with aging, she did look happy at her birthday celebration.

She was all smiles while seemingly out at a restaurant for her birthday dinner. A glass of wine, dessert, and one of her children could be seen in the photo as she sat at the table in a plunging beige blouse.

Her post-birthday staircase photoshoot proves that, despite celebrating her 36th birthday, she still boasts an incredibly youthful, fit figure.

Cavallari is the CEO of Uncommon Beauty

Cavallari has shared some of the secrets to her youthful appearance via her skincare line, Uncommon Beauty. She launched Uncommon Beauty in 2021 as an expansion of her Uncommon James lifestyle brand.

She confirmed that the inspiration for Uncommon Beauty came from constant questions and curiosity about her skincare routine. These questions sparked her curiosity about what she was actually using for her routine.

After looking into the products she used, she realized they weren’t as clean and high-end as she thought. Hence, she made her products, stating, “We decided to launch Uncommon Beauty with five core products that serve as the foundation for the perfect skincare routine.”

These five products are the Daily Foaming Powder Cleanser, Daily Water Cream, Triple Effects Eye Cream, Peptide Pineapple Nectar, and Mango Lip Balm. Cavallari pinpointed the Peptide Pineapple Nectar as her personal favorite because it serves multiple purposes, including anti-aging, brightening, and hydrating.

Two years after its launch, those five products have remained as the staples of Uncommon Beauty. Consumers interested in following Cavallari’s skincare routine need only those five products to get started.

Her products are clean and consistent, offering a straightforward skincare routine for curious consumers.

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