Kristin Cavallari is kid-free, cooking and drinking wine

Kristin Cavallari smiles into the camera.
Kristin Cavallari stuns for a child-free night. Pic credit: ©

Kristin Cavallari kicked back and enjoyed her time away from the kids with a glass of red wine and tasty food.

Of course, she looked beautiful as always. She wore high-waisted gray leggings that perfectly hugged her figure and showed off her long legs.

Kristin paired the leggings with a white crop top with spaghetti straps, highlighting her midriff. The leggings and top were perfectly casual for her activities, while still incredibly cute.

The TV personality rocked gray tennis shoes and long white socks with a couple of orange stripes, which she had placed over the leggings.

Kristin’s shoulder-length blonde hair flowed around her face in a cute wavy style. She wore no makeup, her glowing complexion was perfect, and her smile was radiant.

The 35-year-old posed with one hand holding up a glass of red wine and the other stirring a pot of food on the stove. Kristin’s overall look was lovely, relaxed, and happy to get in some quality self-care.

The fashion designer posted the series of photos to Instagram for her millions of followers on Tuesday with the caption, “Home, leggings, no makeup, kids running around, red wine and cooking = happiness.” The post earned over 100,000 likes and over 900 comments.

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Kristin Cavallari is a winter goddess in Chattanooga

Kristin traveled to Chattanooga and was an absolute winter goddess. She wore a long brown coat over a white sweater and cream-colored pants.

Her boots matched her coat and tied the outfit together perfectly. Her hair and makeup were lovely as always, and she seemed excited to enjoy her trip to Tennessee.

The actress visited an outside ice skating rink in the same outfit and looked gorgeous and happy in the cold winter air.

Kristin was back on Instagram a short while later to show off a cute picture snapped by her mom. It showed Kristin and her daughter, Saylor, hand in hand as they went out on the skating rink in Chattanooga.

She captioned the post, “Well shoot, wish I included this in the last carousel post but my mom just sent it to me sooo here’s me and Say baby ice skating today.”

Kristin Cavallari models Uncommon James jewelry

Kristin’s success and her large following on social media have led her to pursue other creative business endeavors as well. She posted a beautiful selfie to Instagram wearing earrings from her jewelry line, Uncommon James, and she was stunning in the process.

The author’s blonde hair flowed around her face, her makeup was soft and glamorous, and the earrings from Uncommon James gave her an extra air of fashion. The dangling silver earrings complemented her features and nicely reflected the light.

Kristin Cavallari in a yellow dress
Kristin Cavallari has turned from a TV reality star into a successful businesswoman. Pic credit: © Perniac/AdMedia

Uncommon James Jewelry was founded by Kristin, and she is also the CEO of the company. It sells a variety of elegant jewelry pieces, including earrings, necklaces, and more.

Kristin captioned her post, “From my office party to the bus stop. Still rocking my party girl earrings though @uncommonjames.”

Her followers seemed to love the post, as it earned over 61,000 likes.

Kristin Cavallari discussed business on The Tom Ward Show

Kristin recently appeared on The Tom Ward Show, a business-orientated podcast run by Tom Ward, who collaborates with Forbes Magazine. On the show, Kristin spoke at length about her business Uncommon James.

She spoke about her pride in all she’d achieved and also discussed how at one time, she’d had “a hand in every facet” of the business.

Kristin claimed she’d done it all, from handling customer service emails to dealing with shipping. She said this gave her a great perspective when dealing with her current employees because she knows exactly what they are going through because she’s been there too.

Things certainly seem to be going from strength to strength for Kristin on the business side of things.

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