Kristin Cavallari embraces aging for skincare Q&A

Kristin Cavallari poses at a press event.
Kristin Cavallari got real about aging while answering questions from fans about skincare. Pic credit: ©

Kristin Cavallari got real about her skincare routine and aging naturally in her latest social media post.

The 36-year-old mother-of-three and former reality TV star hopped online this week to answer fans’ questions about how she maintains her youthful looks and natural beauty and the Uncommon James founder did not let her followers down with her answers.

The blonde stunner, who opened up about putting on weight last year, kicked off her Q&A session with a gorgeous shot of herself in a jaw-dropping one-piece.

Seen from behind, Kristin sat on the dock in front of a lovely body of water, as she showed off her incredible figure in a swimsuit in an orange sherbet hue.

Kristin tilted her body slightly to one side so her flawless profile was visible and she leaned against one hand.

An oversized sunhat sat on her head to protect her from the rays, and striped shadows played against her features for an added effect.

“Favorite tanning drops, really trying to avoid fake beds but all the mousses too streaky,” penned a fan while inquiring about how Kristin stays looking summer-ready all year.

Kristin Cavallari talks up Uncommon James during a Q&A

In response to the question, Kristins excitedly shared that her brand Uncommon James would be releasing a new item ahead of the warmer months.

“Ok, I’m just gonna tell y’all: WE HAVE BRONZING DROPS COMING OUT AND THEYRE MY FAVORITE PRODUCT ON THE PLANET,” she exclaimed in all-caps.

Kristin Cavallari stuns in a swimsuit to answer fans' questions.
Kristin Cavallari rocks a swimsuit to answer questions. Pic credit: @kristincavallari/Instagram

While Uncommon James focuses largely on selling jewelry, accessories, and clothes, Kristin also made sure to include a beauty section in her line, with just five items for sale.

The skincare items include a Daily Foaming Powder Cleanser for $38, a Pineapple Peptide Nectar for $62, a Daily Water Cream for $48, a Triple Effect Eye Cream for $52, and a Mango Lip Balm for $15.

Kristin did not divulge the exact date fans can expect the new body product to come out or how much it will cost, but devotees of her brand will assuredly be eager to hear more as time goes on.

Kristin Cavallari talks about the eye cream she uses.
Kristin Cavallari talks about eye cream. Pic credit: @kristincavallari/Instagram

Aside from making her big announcement about the new product coming soon, Kristin also touted the Uncommon James eye cream after a fan asked how to handle lines around the eyes.

“Embrace them…!” she jokingly wrote back, adding that she personally loves using her company’s eye cream, saying it was very “hydrating” and was “super thick.”

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Kristin Cavallari embraces aging and denounces using Botox

Kristin embraced aging in another question-and-answer session after a fan asked her about smoothing fine lines, saying they “hate the pressure to get Botox.”

The Back to the Beach podcaster was quick to answer her follower’s plea, penning that she makes sure to “stay hydrated” and use only the best products on her skin.

Kristin Cavallari talks about whether or not she gets botox.
Kristin Cavallari talks about botox. Pic credit: @kristincavallari/Instagram

She also gave a refreshing response to the mention of Botox, telling the fan that she is not upset by her increasing fine lines and explaining that she is an “extremely animated” person and would hate to lose her expressions by using Botox.

“I’m happier at age 36 than I ever have been and my lines mean I’ve lived and have experience which I love,” Kristin shared.

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