Kristen Stewart’s fiancée shares heartwarming post detailing love with the actress

Kristen Stewart up close
Kristen Stewart’s fiancee shared a heartfelt post celebrating their love this Valentine’s Day. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Acclaimed actress Kristen Stewart may spend her time privately and off of social media, but every once in a while, fans catch a glimpse of the gorgeous star.

Though she stays out of the spotlight outside of her films, her career is still going strong as she has many upcoming projects and is still being celebrated for her role as Princess Diana in the 2021 film Spencer.

As she continues to work on projects and prepares for her first feature directorial debut, many of her life updates only come from press releases or updates from her screenwriter fiancee, Dylan Meyer.

Fortunately, Dylan shared a beautiful and heartfelt post for the actress on Tuesday to celebrate the love they feel for each other and just how special their relationship is.

She began with a story: “One time I turned a hundred dollars into fourteen hundred dollars at a casino in Pittsburgh. I was playing craps (my first time ever) and when it was my turn at the dice I didn’t roll a seven for forty five minutes straight. Strangers were getting rich off of my hot streak, tipping me chips and tequila shots. Cheering for me, clapping me on the back. Calling their gambling addicted friends/co-workers/ex-wives to regale them with my extraordinary feat. I was the hero of the people, an instant legend. Bennie and the Jets was playing. My hair looked great, too.”

However, this amazing feat is nothing compared to one simple pleasure in her life, as she revealed, “And even this, the clear peak of my short time on earth, does not remotely come close to how it feels to spend a Monday night in sweatpants with you, valentine.”

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How does Kirsten Stewart stay in shape?

Another thing that stands out in Dylan’s sweet Valentine’s Day post is Kristen’s incredibly toned and defined abs. The actress is clearly putting in some work to keep up the muscle definition, or she was blessed with the best genetics on the planet.

Since Kristen tends to stay out of the spotlight, it’s hard to say what exactly the actress does to stay fit and lean, but there have been some hints over the years.

As Women’s Health reports, Kristen has been spotted hiking several times throughout the years, often with friends or even some of her exes. Clearly, the outdoors and cardio is where it’s at for the stunner.

For her diet, she’s not confirmed whether or not she’s vegan, but she did tell WIRED in 2019 that while she eats “Everything,” people should try to eat less meat.

She could be incredibly blessed with her genetics, but it seems likely that through hiking and some private workouts, Kristen stays in shape away from the public eye.

Who is Kristen Stewart’s fiancee Dylan Meyer?

Kristen and Dylan got engaged in November 2021 when Dylan popped the question, as Monsters and Critics previously reported.

The Twilight actress was thrilled when Dylan proposed and gushed about the whole thing to Howard Stern, which is only fitting since she told Howard in 2019 that she couldn’t wait to be engaged to Dylan.

Dylan herself is a screenwriter and actress who has worked on various projects such as Netflix’s XOXO and has even written the short films Loose Ends and Rock Bottom.

Based on her Instagram feed, she enjoys spending time with her friends and likes to be out in nature when possible – though clearly, her favorite pastime is just taking things slow and low-key with Kristen.

The two met on a movie set a few years before they got together, and Meyer officially made their relationship public on Instagram in 2019.

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