Kristen Bell shares her experience with celebrity cold plunge trend

Kristen Bell close up
Kristen Bell took a cold plunge yesterday morning and it was hard to tell if she actually enjoyed it or not. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Kristen Bell has clearly been reading about the benefits of a cold plunge and has jumped on the celebrity trend that seems to be everywhere right now.

She recently shared a video of herself stepping into her pool in her backyard, and despite the blue sky above and the green scene behind her, she claimed the water temperature was a freezing 58 degrees.

She wore a low-cut red one-piece swimsuit with a whimsical purple, white and green flower pattern throughout and looked as if she should be tanning on a warm beach in Miami rather than stepping into an ice-cold swimming pool.

She started the clip right as she was walking into the water, and it seemed to take her breath away as she gasped for air and told followers she was doing an experimental cold plunge every morning, calling it an “awful adventure.”

While the water was not as cold as most people do it, she still said it was “brutal” and gave some tips on how to properly do it.

Her tips were not to stop once you start because then you’ll never get back in, breathe from your belly rather than taking shallow breaths, and count to 20 because, after that, your body feels like it has its own wetsuit. She also said she listens to an album that really revs her up to help her disassociate from what her body is experiencing.

In the caption, she wrote, “Studies have shown that cold plunging can [increase] dopamine concentrations by 250 percent. Gimme that ‘feel good’ hormone baby!”

She concluded, “It’s also said to not only improve your mental state at the moment, but also helps with mental acuity and alertness throughout the day. BRING IT ON.”

Kristen Bell had previously shared one of her morning cold plunge experiments

She had previously shared one of her cold plunges from a different morning in which she wore a similar bathing suit but in black and took a selfie. She told followers on the top of the image that she was experimenting with a cold plunge in the morning but had concluded that it was “brutal.”

Several celebrities are big fans of cold plunges, including Elle Macpherson, Miranda Kerr, and Hailey Bieber. At the same time, Wim Hof, a Dutch extreme athlete, has actually been nicknamed “The Iceman” because of his record-breaking experiences with cold water.

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