Kristen Bell poses for magazine and says she’s honored to be the first cover star

Kristen Bell close up
Kristen Bell posed on the cover of a magazine in a red latex dress. Pic credit: ©

Kristen Bell is not your average actress having dipped her toes in several different worlds, including writing, baby products, and snacks for kids yet all with a good cause.

The Good Place actress appeared on the cover of Real Simple magazine and spoke to them about some of the causes she has started.

On the cover, Kristen wore a dark red latex dress that clung to her toned figure in all the right places, creating a flattering hourglass effect.

The dress came all the way down to her ankles and featured long sleeves and a high neckline. She paired the dress with knee-length boots that blended in so well it appeared as if they were part of the ensemble.

The cover looked as if it was shot from down below giving the appearance of Kristen being on a fashion runway strutting her stuff confidently.

She paired the dress with a black, yellow, orange, and pink wrap on top that added some brighter colors to the otherwise color-blocked outfit.

Her short blonde bob was parted in the middle and had some wave to it, while her makeup looked fresh and glowing with light pink lipgloss and mascara.

She was seen standing in front of a big pink wall that added a romantic, Valentine’s Day-esque look to the photo.

Under her name on the cover of Real Simple was the tagline, “Stands up for what matters.”

Kristen Bell appeared on the cover of Real Simple

Kristen shared the cover to her own Instagram page with the caption, “Real simple has been my favorite for a loooong time! (I first subscribed in college!) I’m So honored to be the first ever human person on their cover💗.”

Kristen spoke about her affordable and accessible baby product brand Hello Bello, which she started with her husband, actor Dax Shepard.

She told the magazine, “There are a lot of people doing great work in the baby space, but there’s an accessibility-affordability junction that’s not being hit. One of our missions is accessibility. We’re also trying to convey that parenting is hard. It’s gross. It stinks.”

She told them when she first had her kids she got nursery furniture in pink and white tones, but everything smelled like pee so she wanted to make the parenting space more realistic.

Kristen is the co-founder of the accessible baby brand Hello Bello

The brand offers premium products for babies at an affordable price and they are able to do this by partnering with Walmart.

The products available include a variety of diaper types, personal care products, vitamins, and home care.

As for affordable prices, one of the bundles available includes seven packs of diapers, four packs of wipes, and a full-size freebie on your first order for $69.99 which is an $85 value if you buy the products individually.

Kristen is always keeping it real and we can totally appreciate her for that.

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