Konstantin Konstantinovs death: Legendary Russian powerlifter dies

Konstantin Konstantinovs
Konstantin Konstantinovs, the Russian powerlifter, has passed away. Pic credit: Konstantinovs/YouTube

Konstantin Konstantinovs has died. The Russian powerlifter passed away at the age of 40, leaving the sports world is in shock.

The news broke on Instagram when fellow bodybuilder Cailer Woolman — who uses the name Doctor.Deadlift on the site — shared the news.

Konstantinovs was the current raw beltless deadlift world record holder. In 2009, he lifted 939.2 pounds. The record was broken by Eddie Hall in 2016 when he lifted 1,102.3 pounds, but since he lifted with a belt, many feel that Konstantin Konstantinovs still holds the record. Konstantin also worked as a bodyguard when he wasn’t lifting.

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Konstantin Konstantinovs was an outspoken sportsman. Many people looked up to him and his comments about not holding back. After his passing, people have been quoting him on Instagram, channeling the healthy mentality he had when it came to lifting.

Someone also posted an interview with him where he talked about never postponing something until the next day, as no one is guaranteed another day.

“You are able to lift as much as you want. You should always keep in mind that this day may be the last for us and the “next competition” will never happen…. So that, if you feel that you can lift the record today, never postpone it for tomorrow. Tomorrow may just will not come,” reads the post.

Konstantin Konstantinovs’ cause of death has not been made public. Fans on Reddit spoke of rumors that he may have died in a street fight, although this had not been confirmed at the time of writing. There’s no evidence to suggest his death was due to his lifestyle or lifting.

On social media, fans spoke of their shock at his death at such a young age and spoke of how much he had inspired others.


Konstantin Konstantinovs died on October 28, 2018.

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