Kirsten Corley: Who is Chance the Rapper’s baby mama and new fiance?

A head shot of Kirsten Corley that was shared on Facebook
Kirsten Corley is engaged to Chance the Rapper but how much do we really know about her? Pic credit: Kirsten Corley/Facebook

Chance the Rapper is getting married! He’s been in a relationship for quite some time but now that the Chicago native is getting hitched, many fans want to know more about his new fiance Kirsten Corley.

Now, to be honest, finding information about Kirsten hasn’t been easy. Chance the Rapper is known for keeping his private life pretty private as far as social media goes and Kristen isn’t much different.

The pair got engaged on the 4th of July during a barbecue. The realness of their engagement serves as evidence of how down to Earth both Chance and Kristen are and the support that can be seen in this video is incredible.

So here’s what we were able to dig up about Chance the Rapper’s new fiance:

Kristen Corley and Chance the Rapper have one child together. Their daughter Kensli Bennett was born in September 2015.

Chance often posts pictures and videos of the little girl, giving fans a glimpse into his role as a father. Likewise, he’s also posted pictures of Kirsten from time to time but she prefers to keep her Instagram account private.

Back in 2016, some questions cropped up about whether or not Kirsten and Chance were still together. It was after Kristen petitioned the court to add the father’s name to their daughters birth certificate and to establish child support.

PEOPLE reports that the pair did split briefly. When they reconciled in 2017, Corley withdrew her child support order and all has been well.

In February 2017, Chance won a Grammy and made sure to thank both Kirsten and Kensli during his acceptance speech.

“I wanna thank God for my mother and my father who’ve supported me since I was young. For Kirsten and Kensli, for all of Chicago,” Chance the Rapper said in his acceptance speech.

Congratulations to Chance the Rapper and Kirsten Corley on their engagement.

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