Kristen Bell says she doesn’t care about her daughters’ sexual orientation so long as she’s anti-racist

Kirsten Bell on the red carpet
Kristen Bell is determined to raise formidable, opinionated, anti-racist daughters. Pic credit: © Admedia

Kristen Bell doesn’t care how her daughters identify sexually or what career path they choose, but she is determined to raise them anti-racist.

Bell shares two daughters, Delta and Lincoln, with her husband Dax Shepherd and The Good Place star said in an interview with Channel Q recently that they are raising their kids to be “true to themselves.”

She explained: “I know that I don’t care what my girls grow up to be in their career, what their sexual choices are going to be, what their love choices are going to be. I just want to love them because we have one ride on this planet, and what is the friggin’ point of spending it hating?”

Bell added that whoever her children love, is none of her business, “I know in my bones that human beings are human beings. And that love is love, and love is never something you challenge, and that you’ve got to look for sameness if you’re to have any happiness in your life. So why would I care who loves who? That’s not my business.”

However, she insisted she and Dax would be raising “morally-compassed women” who are “formidable and opinionated” and are “anti-racists.”

Kristen Bell’s children are going to be a ‘nightmare’

The Veronica Mars actress stated that she and husband Dax have very strong opinions and that their daughters are already exhibiting the same attribute. “They are going to be a nightmare,” she said fondly.

“My husband and I are very opinionated; we talk a lot. Our kids are a nightmare. They’re a nightmare because they will tell you your opinion.

“We constantly joke about the fact that we’re raising two girls that they’re going to be a nightmare for 18 years, but God bless when we send them into the world, they are going to be formidable, opinionated, kind, morally-compassed women, and I’m so grateful for that,” Bell added.

Kristen Bell starred in the hit show The Good Place

Kristen Bell stars as Eleanor Shellstrop in NBC’s hit fantasy comedy The Good Place. The show finished its fourth season at the beginning of this year. Sadly for fans, NBC currently has no plans to bring it back for a fifth series.

The latest season included a surprise guest in the form of Lisa Kudrow, who made an appearance as the ancient Greek philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria. Chidi Anagoyne, played by William Jackson Harper, was initially excited to meet the philosopher, but unfortunately, the centuries had dulled the philosopher’s mind, to great comic effect.

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