King Charles wants nothing to do with Harry and Meghan drama

Prince Harry attends BT Sport Awards in 2016 and Meghan Markle attends The Party at NeueHouse Hollywood in 2016
Prince Harry’s father, King Charles III, reportedly doesn’t want any involvement in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s drama. Pic credit: ©

King Charles III, the father of Prince Harry and Prince William, is reportedly steering clear of Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s “drama.” The report came shortly after the premiere of Volume One of Prince Harry’s and Markle’s docuseries, Harry & Meghan, on December 8, 2022.

A royal expert, Tom Bower, opened up about how the royal family is handling the release of the docuseries. The series has been described as a “tell-all” as Prince Harry and Markle try to take back their story.

So far, the docuseries has touched on the royal family having “unconscious bias” towards Markle, being unwelcoming to her, and being unmoved by the racist backlash she received from the media. It is anticipated that more claims about the royal family will come forth in Volume Two.

Bower alleged that the royal family was “shocked” by the docuseries. Reportedly, the situation is serious enough that the royal family could be considering rebutting Prince Harry’s and Markle’s claims or even stripping them of their titles.

However, King Charles allegedly wanted to steer clear of the whole thing with Prince Harry and Markle. It seemed he wanted to ignore the drama due to his disliking confrontation.

Bower concluded, though, that the release of the docuseries may make it impossible for King Charles to stay out of the ongoing drama.

The royal family and Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s docuseries

The royal family has not publicly responded to Harry & Meghan. However, in the days before and after the docuseries was released, many reports from alleged insiders arose about the royal family being unhappy about it.

One possible reason for this is that Prince Harry and Markle have been critical of the royal family in the past. In a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple accused the royal family of being racist.

The interview led Prince William, who has long been rumored to be feuding with Prince Harry, to denounce the claims. He adamantly stated that the royal family was not racist.

Harry & Meghan has now revived the discussion of the royal family’s alleged racism. In the docuseries, the couple talked at length about the royal family failing to include Markle and refusing to teach her the ropes and protocols.

Additionally, they reportedly stood by and did nothing when Markle received racist hatred and backlash from the press due to being biracial. Markle also alleged that Prince William and Middleton were cool toward her from day one.

So far, Harry & Megan hasn’t alleged anything too shocking or damning, largely touching on allegations that were made previously.

Will the royal family respond to Harry & Meghan?

Despite Bower’s prediction of King Charles potentially being forced to get involved, a royal correspondent, Emily Nash, disagreed. Nash revealed to Hello! Magazine that she expects the royal family will largely ignore the docuseries and go about their duties.

She pointed out that the royal family isn’t known for “reacting” to accusations against them. They have only been known to do so when it is serious accusations, such as the initial allegation of racism.

However, when Queen Elizabeth II responded to the allegations, it was in a very restrained manner. Her statement merely reiterated that the racist allegations were concerning but that they would be dealt with privately.

Nash concluded, “So even if there is a response, I wouldn’t expect anyone to say anything publicly.”

It remains to be seen if the royal family will ultimately choose to release a statement in regard to Harry & Meghan or not.

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