Kindly Myers shows ‘weird horse girl’ energy at beach

kindly myers selfie
Kindly Myers is a horse girl. Pic credit: @kindly/Instagram

When you think about horse girl energy, Kindly Myers likely isn’t the first person who comes to mind.

For those out of the loop, a horse girl is a colloquial term for someone socially awkward and obsessed with horses.

As a successful model, Kindly doesn’t exude awkward energy, but she has a deep love for majestic creatures, including horses.

Kindly’s 3.6 million Instagram followers were the first to receive the two-part share, which showed the beauty rocking a bikini on a beach.

The stunning photoshoot saw Kindly sitting on a gorgeous horse with traditional coloring and a beautiful saddle.

The pictures featured nature, wildlife, and beauty, with sensational results.

Kindly Myers rides a horse for Andi Bagus swimwear

Kindly’s recent post was a promotion for Andi Bagus. The brand has been flourishing in the past year, appearing in the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swim Edition. The swimwear designer has also used influencers, like Kindly, to promote its products.

For the promotion, Kindly wore the Mila Bikini by Andi Bagus in Praline. The swimsuit retails for $49 and has a satiny finish and stringy appearance.

The self-proclaimed horse whisperer was a natural as she rode into the sunset on a white sand beach and made the bikini look fabulous.

In the post, Kindly tagged the team of creatives who helped her get camera-ready. She also credited the designer of her bikini.

Finally, Kindly provided a geotag of Puerto Vallarta, providing additional context for the post.

Her caption read, “I will forever be the weird horse girl, and I’m ok with that. 📸 @northcottphoto x @andi_bagus.”

While it is unclear whether Kindly is an actual horse girl, her stunning figure leaves no questions.

Kindly Myers shares her exercise secrets

If you want to obtain a shredded figure like Kindly, a lot of work at the gym is necessary.

Last year, Kindly appeared in FHM, where she did a stunning shoot for the magazine.

Kindly also did an interview to answer some burning questions.

She shared information about her humble Kentucky upbringing and also discussed her four years of experience in the Army National Guard.

Kindly said about her workout routine, “It is a lot of hard work and effort, but I actually love it. I work out with a trainer 4-5 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week. I have a love/ hate relationship ship with the stair climber.”

Kindly does more than just hit the gym daily — she also stays active. Remaining busy has been another way for Kindly to keep in shape.

Kindly’s experience in the army sparked her love for shooting, and her passion flourished after she completed her services.

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