Kindly Myers shows off new workout gear with a twirl

Kindly Myers poses outdoors in a bikini for an Instagram selfie
Kindly Myers showed off her stunning athletic physique in her favorite athletic wear sets. Pic credit: @kindly/Instagram

Kindly Myers showed her love for a veteran owned business, CNC, by posing in two of their activewear sets.

The 37-year-old model and veteran posted a short clip of her in CNC Activewear. The clip included her doing a full 360-degree spin to show off her activewear.

Myers started the video wearing a white sports bra with a criss-cross pattern in the front, paired with some skintight black leggings. The outfit hugged her figure tightly and showed off her incredibly toned abs.

As she spun, her outfit transitioned into a black criss-cross patterned sports bra with a pair of beige leggings. She wore her hair down for the video and kept her accessories minimal.

She wore a silver bracelet on each wrist, as well as her personalized “Kindly” necklace around her neck.

In her caption, she tagged CNC and indicated she was “obsessed” with their sets.

Kindly Myers promoted CNC as brand ambassador

This video of Myers was just the latest installment in her series of promotions for CNC. As an ambassador for the brand, she frequently models for the company and has even had discount promo codes named after her.

CNC, which is short for Curves N Combatboots, was founded by a veteran couple, and it strives to empower women through its work. What started as a mission to create high-quality leggings with pockets turned into a full-fledged business offering all kinds of activewear suitable for both veterans and non-veterans.

Several days ago, Myers shared another post that gave a closer look at her CNC Activewear sets. She chose to focus on the black and beige set for this particular photoshoot.

In her caption, she indicated that she loved everything the company had on its website and encouraged fans to use the discount code “KINDLY.”

Back in February, she showed off another set from CNC. This activewear set included a sky blue sports bra with matching sky blue leggings.

Myers has promoted CNC for quite some time by picking out her favorite items and debuting her promo code.

Kindly Myers dazzled for Halloween fun

Just a few days before promoting CNC, Myers took to social media to share her Halloween festivities with her followers. For the holiday, she donned a dazzling Disney-themed costume.

She sizzled in her costume, which was her interpretation of Buzz Lightyear. For the costume, she donned a bikini with Ligthyear’s suit design on it, including his buttons and belt.

She also wore his signature white space gloves and a pair of big, square-shaped sunglasses to mimic his astronaut helmet. She kept her makeup and accessories fairly minimal, donning a silver chain and some rings, and leaving her blond hair down for the costume.

In her caption, she quoted the famous Toy Story quote, “You got a friend in me.”

Her Halloween costume was a unique spin on a classic Disney character. Meanwhile, Myers dazzled in both her workout gear and her Halloween costume with her fit and impressive physique.

Kindly Myers looked stunning while posing in the shower

Last week, the ex-soldier also took the time to post several snaps of herself just hanging out in the shower in a stunning one-piece swimming costume.

In two of the shots, the Nashville based model gave the camera a sultry glare, and in the other pic, she was looking down at her feet. Her gorgeous blond hair was tied up except for two strands that framed her flawless face.

Kindly captioned the post, “I don’t start it, but i can tell you how it ends…” and tagged in Stephen Dillon as the photographer.

Kindly Myers learns how to drive a manual gear shift

Kindly has a fun YouTube channel where she mostly posts fashion videos, but occasionally, she’ll also post a fun clip about her day-to-day life. In one recent video, the model decided to learn how to drive with a manual gear shift in her friend’s Ford Mustang.

Of course, Kindly looked incredible, dressed in white spandex shorts and a white crop top as she jumped in behind the wheel of the muscle car.

The lesson went quite well, she stated that she could drive with stick “to save my life but couldn’t do it for fun.” There was a fun moment in the video when the footage cut to a similar colored Mustang taking part in a drag race, implying the model was the race driver.

Of course, Kindly won the race.

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