Kindly Myers’ incredible journey from Army veteran to Instagram sensation

Kindly Myers posing for the camera
Kindly Myers’ career has gone from strength to strength. Pic credit: @kindly/Instagram

From ex-Army officer to Instagram sensation, Kindly Myers is one blonde bombshell who is proving you really can do it all.

The model is not just a pretty face – although she does have the ability to wow her adorned fans on a regular basis — as the 37-year-old is also a former member of the military. 

She’s known for posing up a storm in her sizzling snaps and showing off her fabulous figure, but for Kindly, her career started a lot differently. 

Prior to gracing the covers of endless men’s magazines like Playboy and Maxim and setting up her super successful social accounts, Kindly joined the Army.

Born on September 20, 1985, in a small town in Kentucky called Bowling Green, Kindly said it was always a dream of hers to become a model, as FHM reports.

But for Kindly, she instead opted for a major career switch, choosing to enroll in the Army National Guard at age 20.

Kindly Myers suffered a tragic loss aged two 

Growing up as the middle child between two other sisters wasn’t always easy for the future Maxim star, who lost her father at the age of two, according to Heightline.

Kindly and her siblings relocated to northern Tennessee just a few years into her childhood.

Speaking to ModelzView, Kindly said she “grew up on a farm with lots of animals, and a wonderful family.”

While in Tennessee, she attended three schools, including Red Boiling Springs School, Winter Haven high school, and Ft. Lee Virginia. Kindly has never revealed the reasons why she constantly changed schools.

It was following her graduation from Winter Haven High School when Kindly decided to drop everything and join the US Army.

Kindly Myers’ learned so much’ about herself in the Army

For four years, Kindly bravely served in the Army National Guard.

During the grueling period of training, she learned how to handle guns and other military equipment, including rocket launchers, as Model Fact reports. 

Shortly after, she served as an automated logistics specialist before her exit from the military service.

Speaking about her stint in the Army to ModelzView, Kindly revealed, “I learned so much about myself during those years.

“I know that I am a strong woman who is capable of anything,” she added. 

Kindly Myers becomes Instagram sensation 

With her Army days behind her, Kindly decided to make the leap and become a model — and it most certainly paid off.

Determined to make it as the next big thing, Kindly moved to Nashville, where, as she revealed to FHM, she “met a local photographer who wanted to take my photos.”

The beauty added, “It was fun and the photos were published, I was basically hooked after that.”

Between juggling jobs as a bartender and a customer service representative at Walmart, Kindly made sure to keep her online presence strong by posting snaps of her sensational figure and, of course, plenty of skin. 

Eventually, Kindly hit the jackpot when she got her much-wanted big break after she started to appear in several men’s magazines.

By then, the beauty has reached Instagram sensation level and now boasts an incredible 3.6 million followers.

Who has kindly Kindly Myers modeled for?

With her gorgeous looks and killer curves, it’s no surprise that Kindly has been snapped up by several companies to grace the covers of their magazines.

These include the likes of FHM, Joker Magazine, Maxim, Coed, and Playboy.

Kindly has also made several appearances for various fashion brands, with the stunner promoting their garments on her social media page. 

Kindly has struck a gorgeous pose in countless photoshoots, but it seems there’s one particular type that she loves the most — ones where she gets to see the world.

“I’m always traveling and doing photoshoots. It’s what I love,” she told FHM. “My favorite shoots are outdoors whether it be a beautiful beach or the mountains.”

Kindly Myers’ other business ventures 

Aside from making her dollar from magazine covers and fashion campaigns, Kindly also runs her own OnlyFans account.

As expected, the stunner is consistent with her wow-worthy content, leaving fans’ pulses racing. 

She also has her own collection of merchandise, which fans can access via her LinkGenie. 

The merch includes tees, shot glasses, magnets, keychains, and much more — with all of the items emblazoned with a picture of Kindly.

She releases an annual calendar with 12 stunning snaps of the blonde beauty, and fans can also bag themselves a personalized video on Cameo where Kindly will give a shoutout to someone special. 

Ensuring she’s making waves on all of the social media sites, Kindly also has a Twitter account and YouTube channel.

On the latter, she posts behind-the-scenes videos of her sizzling photoshoots over the years. 

Taking two completely different careers and making huge waves in both of them, it’s no surprise Kindly has a loyal legion of fans. 

Countless magazine covers and pulse-racing photoshoots later, it seems the blonde beauty is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon — and we can’t wait to see what she’s doing next! 

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