Kindly Myers in blinged out bikini wants to know if you’re lost

Kindly Myers in a bikini
Kindly Myers stunned in a diamond bikini. Pic credit: @kindly/Instagram

Kindly Myers is here to save her fans if they lose their way on the beach. The model was in the sand posing in front of a sign that showed the direction to many different countries. 

For her latest shoot, she stunned by wearing an Andi Bagus bikini. The top of the bikini was made completely out of beads.  

Between the beading were small pearls that accented the top. It had a halter neckline with a large cut-out along the bust.  

She paired it with a matching bottom that was gold with matching beading along the sides of the bathing suit.  

Due to her flashy bikini, it only made sense to keep her accessories simple. She had on a small name plate necklace and a few silver bracelets.  

She kept her makeup simple with brown eyeshadow and nude lipstick for her beach photoshoot.  

Kindly let her hair down and photographed it damp to look like she just went out for a swim. 

Kindly Myers on Instagram
Pic credit: @kindly/Instagram

Kindy Myers stunned in Amekana Boutique’s sheer dress 

Kindly Myers knows how to go big or go home. The social media influencer was sent a gorgeous gown from Amekana Boutique, and she looked absolutely breathtaking.  

The boutique is based in Dallas and wrote on its Instagram that its clothes were made for goddesses.  

The dress was completely sheer with a high neckline. It was lined with embellishments along the bust and around her shoulder cutouts. 

 The sleeves were dramatic and fanned out past her hands. Along the sleeves were rhinestone flowers that looked absolutely beautiful.  

Throughout the dress there were long silver stripes that went around the ensemble.  

The dress had so many details, it only made sense for her to put her hair up in a bun to showcase it.  

For her makeup, she wore dark brown eyeshadow with nude lipstick.  

Kindly Myers looked amazing in her Toy Story look 

Kindly Myers channeled Buzz Lightyear for her Halloween costume. The social media star posed in her living room looking out of this world with her take on the iconic Toy Story character. 

She wore a white bra top that was made to resemble Buzz Lightyear’s suit. The bust was lined with buttons with off-the-shoulder green sleeves and purple straps. 

 She paired it with multicolored underwear with a purple belt to cinch her waist. 

To accessorize the outfit, she wore reflective sunglasses and a silver necklace.  

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Elaine House
Elaine House
20 days ago

Since when does models are so fake. Models are supposed to be natural. All these women have fake boobs