Kindly Myers has a ‘sweet sunny disposition’

Kindly Myers selfie
Kindly Myers showed off her taut and toned frame in a dark green Micro Gigi bikini. Pic credit: @kindly/Instagram

Kindly Myers, former army veteran, “Horse whisperer,” and influencer with 3.6 million followers continued her series of swimwear shots from Mexico, living out the fantasy of every person who hates the winter months.

She soaked up some sunshine under blue skies as she appeared to be walking down a set of stairs towards the ocean, perhaps going for a tanning session on the beach.

The swimwear model showed off her incredibly svelte figure in the warm Mexican heat sharing a series of several similar photos, all with a different pose.

In a few shots, she was seen looking out at the view, and in others, she looked at the camera with a confident stare as she held on to her black and orange reflective sunglasses.

The heat was practically radiating from the photos, though it was hard to tell if it was from the high temperatures or Kindly herself.

She captioned the striking images, “Sweet sunny disposition.”

Kindly Myers wore a dark green string swimsuit from Micro Gigi Bikinis

Kindly wore a dark green string bikini from the brand Micro Gigi Bikinis, a brand she has worn several times over the last few days in her professional photos from Mexico.

In her most recent shot, Kindly wore the Agave Bikini Top and bottoms, which cost $46.50 per piece on the website.

Along with the new Flora and Fauna collection from the brand, which Kindly was seen wearing in an Instagram photo, Micro Gigi Bikinis recently added the Sheer High Leg Cut One-piece swimsuit that features an incredibly high waist and comes in the colors Cotton Candy, and Candy Floss.

Kindly endorsed Angi Bagus while wearing a nude bikini on a horse

Along with several shots of herself in Micro Gigi Bikinis, Kindly threw another endorsement into the mix with a shot of herself on a horse.

The model shared a couple of photos of herself riding a horse on the beach at sunset looking like she knew exactly what she was doing. The horse itself was decked out in a patterned strap and brown leather saddle, while Kindly matched it with her bikini color.

She wore an Andi Bagus bikini which is called the nude-colored Morgan Triangle Top and costs $39.99, along with the matching Morgan Bottoms which cost the same price.

The Andi Bagus brand shows up frequently throughout the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 2022, and they proudly display all the swimwear that was seen within the pages on their website in a separate category.

For example, there is the Mila Bikini, a simple string design that costs $49 and comes in 23 different colors and patterns, and the Salma Bikini which has several shells hanging off the center of the top and the sides of the bottoms.

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JD Free
JD Free
23 days ago

That is one hot and sexy bikini!