Kindly Myers expresses her joy for her ‘love’ and ‘luck’ while living her dream

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Kindly Myers counts her blessings. Pic credit: @kindly/Instagram

Few people live a more blessed life than ex-soldier Kindly Myers, and the model would be the first to tell you that fact.

Kindly took to her social media today to share a stunning series of pictures as she rode a horse into the sunset on a Mexican beach. 

Kindly geotagged Puerto Vallarta, sharing the location of her fabulous shoot. 

The blonde bombshell has called herself a horse whisperer in her Instagram biography, so her affinity for all things equestrian was probably nothing new to longtime fans.

But just because the subject matter wasn’t a shock didn’t mean that Kindly’s 3.6 million followers were unappreciative of the post. 

Although Kindly hid her public like count, fans could flood her page with comments.

Kindly Myers rides a horse on a beach in an Andi Bagus bikini

The three-part post served as an advertisement for one of Kindly’s frequent collaborators, and it also allowed the model to do something she has expressed passion for over the years. 

The pictures showed Kindly looking like a pro as she sat on a horse that had traditional decorations. 

In the first picture, Kindly leaned her head to the side as she balanced on the horse while wearing the Andi Bagus Mila Bikini in Praline. The garment has a shimmery finish and a retail price of $49.

In subsequent shots, Kindly maintained excellent posture as she worked her angles with the sun setting in the distance.

Kindly tagged the photographer who brought her beauty to life, and she also shouted out Andi Bagus, the creator of her gorgeous swimsuit.

In Kindly’s caption, she acknowledged how lucky she was to model for a living.

She wrote, “Every single day, i wake up and live my dream… how did i get so lucky? 📸 @fotoanguiano x @andi_bagus x @universe137studiosofficial.”

As fans might be able to tell from the post, Kindly has an athletic side, which probably helped her as a soldier defending her country. Similarly, Kindly’s strength has come in handy as a model. After all, models make money by promoting products, often using their figures. 

Kindly Myers talks about her workout favorites

While some celebrities claim their killer figures are the result of premiere genetics, Kindly admitted she put in a lot of work to look good.

Kindly sat down with Magzter, and she discussed her upbringing in the South. She also talked about her hard work in the gym, revealing a love-hate relationship with a particular piece of equipment.

The model also revealed that she did cardio six times a week, leaving one day for relaxation.

Kindly explained, “It is a lot of hard work and effort, but I actually love it. I work out with a trainer 4-5 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week. I have a love/ hate relationship [sic] with the stair climber.”

Kindly continues to serve up new content, and fans are definitely here for it.

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Keith Boettcher
Keith Boettcher
1 month ago

What branch of the military did she serve and what was her specialty rate. Absolutely fantastic and gorgeous. Shame I’m up in the ages or I would definitely court her.

Elaine House
Elaine House
1 month ago

Ex soldier in what getting fake boobs and doing videos showing them off every chance she gets