Kim Kardashian to blame for Kanye West saying ‘stupid things’ according to Uncle Luke

Kanye West during interview with Charlamagne tha God
Uncle Luke says Kanye West’s behavior is the Kardashians’ fault

Kanye West has been making headlines for months after displaying some outrageous behavior that included a visit to the TMZ headquarters where he said some things we’ll never forget. Some blamed Kanye’s rants on his mental health while others said it was just his way of drumming up publicity for all the music he had coming out back in June.

Luther Campbell has another explanation for what’s eating Kanye West. He says it’s all to blame on the Kardashians.

In a recent appearance on The Domenick Nati Show, Uncle Luke was asked what has been going on with Kanye. He went into detail about what he thinks is causing the iconic rapper to act so stupidly (to quote Kanye himself) and here is what he had to say:

“People like Kanye West… this guy married into a family that gets off on shock value. They need to do something stupid …to keep their followings up and to keep their whole thing that they got going on. He married into that so he has to say stupid things.”

Domenick Nati then asked Luther Campbell if he thinks that Kanye really “feels that way or if he is doing it for shock value?”

“He’s doing it for shock value,” Campbell quips before adding, “I mean look… When the mother tells dad to go get a sex change which..Bruce Jenner…that family is just shock value family.”

Luther Campbell continued to talk about what he perceived to be the Kardashians influence on Kanye West. He claims that Kanye is great at doing things for shock value and doubled down again that the Kardashians have to “stay stupid.”

“They’ve got keep doing stupid things. They’ve got to do stupid things. They’ve got to say stupid things,” he said of the KUWTK family.

Uncle Luke had quite a bit more to say and touched on figures such as President Donald Trump, LeBron James and more.

It’s not likely that Kanye West or Kim Kardashian will appreciate what Luther Campbell had to say about them but it’s certainly not the first time he has taken aim. He had plenty to say about Kanye’s visit to TMZ and has also previously commented on Kanye’s support of Donald Trump.

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