Kim Kardashian stuns bare-faced and explains skincare problems

Kim Kardashian on a red carpet.
Kim Kardashian’s makeup up-close. Pic credit: ©

There’s no denying the fact that Kim Kardashian has gotten as far as she’s gotten in the Hollywood industry because of her hard work and stunning good looks.

The fact that Kim knows how to maintain such a high level of beauty says a lot about the successful companies she’s chosen to launch over the years.

One of the companies under Kim’s umbrella is called SKKN, not to be confused with the shapewear and loungewear brand she launched called SKIMS.

Kim shared a very vulnerable video of herself on the official SKKN Instagram account to show the world what she looks like without any makeup on her face.

Even with a completely bare face, Kim is one of the most beautiful celebrities alive today.

Her latest video proves her makeup-free beauty.

Kim Kardashian looks flawless without makeup

When Kim hits the red carpet or shows up at events with other famous people, she usually has on a full face of makeup. The video she posted on SKKN’s Instagram page shows another side of her without any makeup at all while she describes what pilling is to her followers.

According to Kim, pilling is something that happens when the products you purchase don’t correctly penetrate your skin. When this occurs, tiny particles are formed across the surface of your face.

A makeup-free shot of Kim Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian’s face with no makeup. Pic credit: @skkn/Instagram

Kim’s products exist to help customers achieve a smoother application when using items from her skincare line. Kim wore a low-cut top with thick straps showing off her upper chest and neck in the short clip.

Kim Kardashian looks amazing in a form-fitting bodysuit

Kim posted a picture wearing a skintight bodysuit made of material that hugged her curves in a stunning manner. The bodysuit gave off superhero vibes in a slightly futuristic way.

The bodysuit was gray from head to toe with fabric covering her front side. It was backless, revealing tons of skin from behind. Her shoulders and arms were easy to see as well.

Kim wore a pair of knee-high boots that were also gray, along with a tiny pink purse in a silver color with sparkles all over. The purse was small enough to hold credit cards or small pieces of makeup but not much else.

She wore her long blonde hair parted in the middle with a face full of dramatic-looking makeup. Kim posted a picture wearing a skintight bodysuit made of material that hugged her curves in a stunning manner.

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