Kim Kardashian shares Instagram breakfast with Kanye West, their kids, and her dogs

Kim Kardashian shows Instagram breakfast with Kanye West and kds.
Kim Kardashian shows Instagram breakfast with Kanye West and kids. Pic credit: © Xavier Collin

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, their four children, and their dogs are sharing a typical breakfast with their fans on Instagram.

Well, at least Kim, Kanye, and we suspect North West is aware that the breakfast with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) clan is being photographed for posterity even if Saint, Chicago, and Psalm aren’t in the loop.

As for the dogs? Any dog captured on KUWTK knows what it means when the camera lights are flashing: It’s time to bark.

Kim Kardashian shows ‘morning madness’ breakfast

Turning to social media, Kim posted the photo that she captioned “Morning madness.”

The response from most fans was delight, although a few couldn’t resist snark when they saw a baby seemingly arranged as part of the breakfast meal.

The photo features Kim, Kanye, and the four little Wests, two of whom are clutching the dogs.

Their oldest child, North West, is 6-years-old. The photo shows North with her dog clutched firmly in one hand, braids looking like Kardashian in one of her beach hairstyle phases, and a somewhat skeptical look on her face as she surveys the breakfast food options.

Saint West, at 4-years-old, holds his dog in one arm as he leans against Kim. Kanye seems to be talking to both his son and the dog.

The only child seated at the breakfast table is Chicago West, age 2, who appears to be rehearsing for the opera. Then there’s the baby, relaxing on the table, garnering questions such as, “Why is your baby part of your breakfast?”

Kim Kardashian and her dog history

Kim and her KUWTK clan have a long history of pet ownership, particularly dogs. The group seemed to have swapped their acquisition of pets for kids.

However, when North pleaded with West and Kardashian for a dog, her parents gave in. Sushi, a Pomeranian, was the result.

Then in September last year, Kim informed Instagram that she had two new Pomeranian puppies needing names, reported People.

An insider told the magazine that the first puppy was intended to prepare [North] for baby siblings.

That puppy preceded the arrival of Chicago. As for whether a total of three dogs means that another baby is in the works? No word yet from Kim, Kanye, the kids … or the pups.

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