Kim Kardashian reveals favorite foods on her vegan diet in Instagram Stories

Kim Kardashian reveals favorite foods on vegan diet.
Kim Kardashian reveals favorite foods on vegan diet. Pic credit: © Press Agency

Kim Kardashian recently gave her fans a tour of her many refrigerators on her Instagram Stories. In the process, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star also revealed her favorite foods on her new plant-based vegan diet.

Initially, Kim showed off only one of what turned out to be multiple refrigerators.

Showing her amusement at the shocked response (at first, it looked as if the Kardashian West clan lived on water), the KUWTK star expanded her kitchen tour to show off all her fridges and favorite foods.

Kim Kardashian turns spotlight on vegan diet

Kim began with a picture of a cooler in an Instagram Story that contained only beverages. That picture resulted in feedback from fans asking what the KUWTK star’s four kids ate, pointed out People.

So Kardashian followed up with four more fridge revelations.

“I saw a bunch of comments from people wondering how I feed my 4 children and since you guys are dying to know, here’s a little peek inside our main fridge filled with lots of fruits and veggies!” said Kim in another Instagram story.

The refrigerator included her pantry, which featured a frozen yogurt machine.

Other refrigerators included juices and different types of plant-based milk, such as oat milk and almond milk.

As viewers of the family’s reality TV show know, all the Kardashian sisters love salads, and Kim showed off an enormous kitchen with yet another refrigerator. That walk-in fridge included salad dressing, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruit.

“I have a walk-in refrigerator where we keep all of our fresh, organic produce,” said Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian eats more than fruits and vegetables on her plant-based diet

Although Kim made it clear that fresh, organic vegetables and fruits top her favorite foods list, Kanye West’s wife also showed off some other favored items, pointed out Delish.

Kardashian eats different types of cheese (we’re assuming plant-based cheeses are on her diet list, while the kids nibble on other types), bread, healthy chips, and plant-based sausage.

Additionally, Kim shared that the family is planning to grow their own organic vegetables. And for those who think that it all sounds, well, boring, Kardashian added that an upcoming meal would include vegan tacos.

We’re assuming with plenty of frozen yogurt for dessert topped with sprinkles. Vegan, of course.

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