Kim Kardashian promotes SKIMS by posing in her underwear

Kim Kardashian with short bob haircut.
Kim Kardashian with a short haircut in Beverly Hills. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Kim Kardashian is an incredibly savvy businesswoman when it comes to launching companies that expand her ever-growing net worth and professional portfolio.

Since she’s a stunning beauty, it’s safe to assume that she’s capable of influencing the opinions and purchases of others who want to look just like her.

With over 332 million followers on Instagram, social media is a great place for Kim to advertise items from her businesses in order to create more sales.

Skims is the brand she created to help women feel more comfortable in their skin when they go out for nights out on the town wearing skintight dresses or snug outfits.

Kim has vocalized that her goal with Skims is to help boost confidence in women and help people feel better about themselves when they’re getting dressed.

Kim’s latest post is dedicated to promoting Skims and encouraging customers to give some of her newest items a chance.

Kim Kardashian looks fabulous in items from her Skims line

Kim shared a gorgeous picture of herself on her Instagram Story wearing a two-piece set from her Skims collection. The two-piece came in a pale lavender color and gave off a casual and sporty appearance at first glance.

The sports bra had two thin straps going over her shoulders with enough solid fabric in the front to keep her chest comfortably in place during a workout.

Kim Kardashian in purple underwear.
Kim Kardashian posing in Skims. Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

The purple underwear was high-waisted, fitting the obvious curves of her waist in a snug and beautiful way.

Kim added a caption to the post that said, “Just dropped: New Fits Everybody” in bold white letters.

Kim Kardashian sparkles in a glittering gown

Kim loves using Instagram to promote Skims, but she also shows off other gorgeous dresses and outfits she wears while celebrating fun nights out.

Earlier in the fall season, she posted a series of photos wearing a glittering down. She looked absolutely exquisite, especially since the gown was covered in glitter from head to toe.

The front of the dress was designed with a corset-style string section in front of her chest. Both sides of the dress were covered in crisscross openings to show off a bit of her skin.

Kim went all out with accessories by adding a tiny purse with just as much sparkle as the gown itself. She also layered several silver necklaces and added a pair of beautiful dangling earrings.

Kim rocked mid-length acrylic nails in a nude shade of polish and wore her blonde hair up in a chic bun.

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