Kim Kardashian models tight black catsuit and huge pink coat

Kim Kardashian in front of a blue backdrop.
Kim Kardashian staring at the camera. Pic credit: © Nacion/StarMacWorldwide

Pink is such a fun, playful, girly color to wear – and it’s a color Kim Kardashian has stunned the world with many times over the years.

At this point, Kim has proven that she can pull off outfits in just about any color scheme or pattern that exists in the world. Her closet is filled with so many options!

Though she wears pink, it stands out for being exuberant and charming on the gorgeous reality TV star. Her latest outfit on social media says it all.

These days, Kim has been going out of her way to promote fashion brand Stuart Weitzman for her fans and followers to see.

The brand is all about celebrating women with its huge inventory of gorgeous heels that would suit almost anyone’s taste. They offer such a wide variety of shoes.

Kim tagged the brand on her latest Instagram post while also wearing a light shade of pink to make a bold statement.

Kim Kardashian has model good looks

In the photo thread Kim shared on social media, she wore a skin-tight bodysuit that hugged all her curves in the right areas. The thick straps at the top of the bodysuit laid over her shoulders perfectly.

The material over her hips and thighs laid down flawlessly over the edges of her figure as well. Kim wore a pair of super tall, shiny black boots with pointed toes over her legs.

She didn’t stop there though because she knew she wanted to add a sense of flair with a large pink coat. The puffy pink coat was made with shiny material that reflected off the light in her closet.

She paired the coat with a fuzzy pink purse in the same exact shade. Kim also accessorized with a pair of slick sunglasses with black shades. She wore her long blonde hair parted in the middle in smooth waves with a face of stunning makeup.

Kim Kardashian looks like a bombshell in a bodysuit

There’s no denying the fact that Kim knows how to pull off a bodysuit like a true fashionista. In a separate photo thread, she wore a zebra print bodysuit covered in black and sparkly red stripes.

The bodysuit was designed with enough coverage to hide the majority of her body including her neck, arms, chest, stomach, thighs, and legs. Regardless of the lack of skin showing, it was still incredibly easy to see all of her flawless curves.

The bodysuit had built-in heels with pointed tips at the bottom. Kim wore a full face of makeup, including lashes and lipstick, and her long blonde hair parted in the middle with visible dark roots.

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