Kim Kardashian look-alike Chaney Jones poses nude with nothing covering but her hair

model chaney jones poses nude on instagram
Kim Kardashian look-alike Chaney Jones wowed fans with several images on her social media. Pic credit: @chaneyjonesssss/Instagram

Chaney Jones, a model who many people feel is a Kim Kardashian look-alike, has been making headlines as Kanye West’s latest potential love interest, following his split from Julia Fox.

Since last month, the 24-year-old has been sighted out and about with West, including at the various listening parties for Donda 2. That has prompted many to believe Jones and the rapper are a couple.

A selfie featuring West and Jones recently popped up online, again driving rumors they are dating. On the same day, a Chaney Jones nude selfie also arrived online as the Kim K clone is again wowing her followers and new fans alike.

Chaney Jones shares nude selfie with followers

Not much is known about Chaney Jones, but she’s been described by some media outlets as a 24-year-old model. She currently boasts nearly 300,000 Instagram followers, many of whom have admired her beauty and curvy similarities to Kim Kardashian on her IG posts.

She also has long black hair, just like Kim K and recently decided to stun everyone with several images of herself completely nude. While posing sans clothes, Jones used her long locks as cover to not get penalized by the Gram for a fully nude shot.

In the first image, she’s standing with her hair flowing down to cover up private parts, with her cell phone blocking her face. The second photo shows Jones crouching down, still fully nude, and using her hair as coverage again.

The second photo shows her face, giving off those Kim K vibes. One key difference is her left hip and leg, which show she’s got unique artwork there.

Fans and followers react to Chaney Jones’ nude images

It’s probably no surprise that the Chaney Jones nude photo set is amongst her most popular Instagram posts so far, with over 62,000 Likes and many comments from admirers. Many comments mention that Kanye West is lucky or proclaim Jones a major “W” for the rapper.

fan comments chaney jones instagram pic
Pic credit: @chaneyjonesssss/Instagram

“Long hair. Don’t care!!!” one fan wrote regarding Jones’ carefree attitude with her latest pictures.

fans comment about chaney jones long hair dont care
Pic credit: @chaneyjonesssss/Instagram

“Take it easy on us SHEESH!!!!!!!” another fan commented, with more fire emojis for good measure.

fan comments about chaney jones nude images
Pic credit: @chaneyjonesssss/Instagram

Many other commenters shared hearts, heart face emojis, and comments praising Jones for her beauty.

Jones shared recent selfie featuring Kanye, but they aren’t officially a couple

With Jones and Kanye West seen together since early February, many people wondered if Kanye had moved on from actress Julia Fox to begin dating Jones. However, sources close to Kanye and Jones have said they aren’t officially “together” yet.

Instead, a source said it was “all for fun” right now for Kanye without any commitment. The source also said Kanye was attracted to Chaney Jones due to her resemblance to his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian.

Meanwhile, some Jersey Shore fans have even suggested Angelina Pivarnick as another potential girlfriend for West due to how similar she looks to Kanye’s estranged wife. The Jersey Shore star even tried to get the rapper’s attention with a tag and message on her Instagram Story.

Meanwhile, Jones may be trying to claim West all to herself, for now. On Monday, she shared a selfie on her Instagram Story featuring West. The two recently visited Miami together, with West reportedly heading back again on his own for a separate trip this past weekend.

chaney jones with kanye west
Pic credit: @chaneyjonesssss/Instagram Story

While he’s having “fun” with Jones, West is still in the middle of divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian, who filed for the divorce last February. She began dating Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson last October, and West has made Davidson the target of frequent Instagram attacks, even claiming he drove him off Instagram.

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