Kim Kardashian helped free 17 inmates in 90 days: Everything you need to know

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian is working with her lawyers to free non-violent drug offenders from prison. Pic credit: John Nacion/StarMaxWorldwide

Kim Kardashian has recently been working behind the scenes to help free prison inmates as part of an ongoing 90 Days of Freedom campaign launched by her personal attorney Brittany K. Barnett, who is the co-founder of the Buried Alive Project.

Kardashian and Barnett have been working in partnership with MiAngel Cody, lead counsel for The Decarceration Collective. They are taking advantage of the First Step Act signed by President Trump last year to work for the release of prisoners who received lengthy prison sentences for low-level drug offenses.

Kim became deeply involved in the campaign after she visited President Trump at the White House last year to advocate for Tennessee grandmother Alice Marie Johnson, 63, a first-time non-violent drug offender who served 21 years of her life sentence.

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According to Kim’s attorney Brittany Barnett, they have scored a string of successes lately but Kim has not been tweeting about it because she’s been too busy.

If you’ve been wondering about Kim Kardashian’s involvement in the 90 Days of Freedom campaign, here is everything you need to know.

Kim is funding the 90 Days of Freedom campaign

Kim and her legal team have helped 17 prisoners gain freedom in the last three months. The 17 prisoners include individuals who have served years of life sentences without parole for low-level drug offenses.

According to TMZ, Kim has been secretly funding the campaign, while attorneys Barnett and Cody have been handling the legal aspects of the campaign.

Barnett revealed that Kim has not only been helping people to get out of prison, she’s also been helping them get home and start a new life.

Here are some of the inmates that have been freed under the ongoing campaign

Some of the inmates Kim is known to have helped to free include Jeffrey Stringer from Florida, Alice Marie Johnson from Alabama, and Cyntoia Brown from Tennessee.

Alice Marie Johnson was a first-time non-violent drug offender who spent 21 years in prison. President Trump commuted her sentence a week after Kim Kardashian visited him in the White House to plead Johnson’s case and advocate for prison reform.

Cyntoia Brown was released from prison after Kim and other celebrities called for her release after 12 years in prison for killing a man who paid to have sex with her when she was only 16.

Others recently released through Kim and her lawyers’ campaign include Eric Balcom from Florida who was sentenced to life without parole at the age of 29 after conviction on a drug charge. He returned to Florida to reunite with his family after 16 years in prison.

Jamelle Carraway is also back with his family in Illinois after serving 11 years of a life sentence. He was 31 years old when he arrested for cocaine possession.

Terrence Byrd was also freed after 25 years in prison for drug possession. He has reunited with his 96-year-old grandmother.

Kim and her lawyers are currently working on several other cases

One of the cases on the list of Kim and her lawyers involve Kevin Cooper who has been on the death row in San Quentin for more than three decades.

He was found guilty of the murders of four persons, including two children, and could soon be executed by lethal injection. But his lawyers claimed that he might have been framed and that a DNA test could prove his innocence.

Kim is planning to get a law degree

Since she teamed up with attorneys Barnett and Cody on the 90 Days of Freedom campaign, Kim has taken up the challenge of studying to work as a lawyer.

She has registered with the California State Bar to study law and she plans to take the Bar Exam in 2022.

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