Kim Kardashian called out for ‘thirsty’ bikini pic

Kim Kardashian attends Harper's Bazaar's ICONS event in 2016
Kim Kardashian received some backlash for posting a “thirsty” bikini picture. Pic credit: © Rivera/ACE Pictures

Not all of Kim Kardashian’s fans were impressed with her latest bikini photo. Some of her followers accused her of seeking attention with the tropical selfie.

In the photo, the 42-year-old socialite and SKIMS founder could be seen kneeling outdoors. A glimpse of the light blue ocean could be seen in front of her, as palm trees provided her shade.

Kardashian turned around in the photo and snapped an image of her reflection in the window. Though not the clearest photo, she captured a quick shot of her bikini from the back.

She wore a grey string bikini for the photo from her clothing line, SKIMS, which she tagged in the shot. Meanwhile, she wore her long bleach-blond locks tucked behind one shoulder.

She opted to go barefoot for the photo op, with the bottoms of her feet visible as she kneeled with her legs tucked underneath her. No accessories were visible aside from her phone which she held up in one hand to take the selfie.

In the caption, she told viewers that she was “Looking back at ’22.” While many of the comments called her “fire,” others criticized her for posting the daring photo.

Kim Kardashian received backlash for latest photo

Kardashian shared the cheeky photo on Monday and quickly racked up over 26,000 comments and nearly four million likes.

The comments started positively, with Olivia Pierson’s and La La Anthony’s compliments gaining the most likes. However, they quickly started turning negative as one user seemed to insinuate the photo was Kardashian’s attempt to get her ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, back.

Comments on Kim Kardashian's bikini photo
Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

Others accused her of being “for the streets” and of using filters in her photo. Some also seemingly sarcastically referred to her as “mom material.”

Comments on Kim Kardashian's bikini photo
Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

Some of her critics used the post to bring up her affiliation with the controversial Balenciaga brand, and others continued to claim the photo was “for Pete.”

Comments on Kim Kardashian's bikini photo
Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

Kardashian also garnered comparisons to Britney Spears, who is known for posting NSFW photos. Much of the backlash also referenced the fact that Kardashian is a mother and that her edgy photos weren’t good examples of “self-respect” for her daughters.

Comments on Kim Kardashian's bikini photo
Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

Commenters also referenced Kardashian’s sons as well, questioning what her kids might think of her photos in the future.

Comments on Kim Kardashian's bikini photo
Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

While some commenters attempted to direct the conversation toward her beauty, they couldn’t drown out the harsher comments. Some negative users even called Kardashian “pathetic” for her alleged attention-seeking.

Comments on Kim Kardashian's bikini photo
Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

So far, Kardashian has not responded publicly to the backlash she received for her photo.

Kardashian is an ambassador for Balenciaga

Some of the backlash Kardashian has received in recent times is fueled by her partnership with the fashion brand, Balenciaga. Kardashian was announced as Balenciaga’s brand ambassador back in February.

Even before being named brand ambassador, she was seen frequently wearing the brand. However, once officially named brand ambassador, she truly became the face of the company, leading several of their campaigns earlier this year.

Her status as ambassador was announced along with the release of a Balenciaga photoshoot which saw Kardashian model some of their signature products.

In addition to photoshoots, Kardashian’s brand ambassadorship saw her wear Balenciaga for fashion shows and star-studded events. She was also chosen to lead Balenciaga’s Winter ’22 campaign and initiative to fight climate change.

The future of Kardashian’s partnership with Balenciaga is uncertain now, though, following the company’s controversial ad campaign that featured children with stuffed animals in bondage outfits. After fans pressed Kardashian for a response following the controversy, Kardashian announced she was “re-evaluating” her relationship with the brand.

Kim Kardashian Tweets about Balenciaga partnership
Pic credit: @KimKardashian/Twitter

It remains to be seen if Kardashian’s partnership with Balenciaga extends into 2023.

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