‘Kill The Kardashians’: Kendall Jenner has run-in with man wearing offensive shirt

Kendall Jenner had a run in with man wearing 'Kill The Kardashians" t-shirt
Kendall Jenner is famous for her role on Keeping Up With The Kardashians but not everyone is a fan

A few days ago, Kendall Jenner shared a photo of a man wearing a t-shirt adored with the words “Kill The Kardashians”.

It was obviously shocking for Kendall to see the offensive t-shirt in person, but where the shirt originates from makes it even more interesting.

The drama went down after Kendall headed out to buy something at a store. She posted on Instagram Live that she was just trying to get some milk when she ran into a man wearing the shirt that stopped her in her tracks.

It was a black tank top that read “Kill The Kardashians” across the front in white print.

Kendall Jenner shared a Kill The Kardashians shirt on Instagram Live
The ‘Kill The Kardashians’ shirt Kendall Jenner encountered as she tried to buy milk. Pic credit: @kendalljenner/Instagram

Being a Kardashian or at least a KarJenner, coming a cross a t-shirt like that while Kendall tried to get in and out of the neighborhood market at night could easily have left her feeling uneasy.

Considering that Kendall is the reason that those shirts were even made makes it worse.

Kill The Kardashians t-shirts: The history

The saga of the “Kill The Kardashians” t-shirts started a few years ago in response to Kendall rocking a Slayer shirt at Coachella.

After she was photographed repping the heavy metal band, Slayer guitarist Gary Holt was offended — so offended that he was seen wearing one of the “Kill The Kardashians” shirts on stage during a concert in 2015.

Not only did Holt wear the shirt, but he also designed it himself. He was so offended that Kendall Jenner had dared to wear a Slayer shirt that he had the “Kill The Kardashians” shirts made and started to sell them.

Gary Holt even proclaimed his hatred for the famous reality TV family during an interview with the Swedish magazine RockSverige (via News Hub) when he said of the Kardashians, “I hate their guts.”

All in all, Kendall Jenner was pretty nonchalant about the encounter. Especially considering that she suffers from anxiety and we’ve seen her having panic attacks on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Then again, it did bother Kendall enough to share it with her fans via Instagram Life.

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Honest Abe
Honest Abe
1 year ago

I agree, kill the Kardashians!!!

1 year ago

As long as we start killing all the other billionaires after!