Kiernan Shipka stuns in sheer sequin dress

Kiernan Shipka looks beautiful in sheer sequin dress
Kiernan Shipka looks beautiful in a sheer sequin dress. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Kiernan Shipka once again proves she is a true fashion queen.

The 22-year-old actress crouched down for the camera as she was professionally photographed in a beautiful sequin dress.

Kiernan’s silhouette was encapsulated perfectly within the shot, as her light purple dress shined amongst the simplistic baby blue background. 

It is no surprise that the actress looked stunning as she elegantly posed for the shot.

Her slender figure faced forward as she slightly turned her head to the side to face the camera.

She then placed one hand gently under her chin and the other wrapped around her stomach as she held the dress.

Kiernan Shipka labels herself as the ‘arctic grape’

The actress posted the stellar photograph on Instagram, showcasing her lovely, slender figure to her 7.9 million followers.

She captioned the image with the words, “arctic grape.”

Kiernan was wearing a finely detailed, sheer, and sequin Maison Valentino dress, which she tagged in the photo.

As the dress effortlessly shined, so did the gorgeous high-heel platforms she was wearing. 

Given that the actress is on the shorter side, it only made sense for her to wear seemingly high platforms for the shot. 

In contrast to the calm nature of the purple dress, the actress made a statement by wearing rather bold, black patent leather platforms.

Her makeup complimented the overall fit, as it was apparent she was going for a rather natural glow. She wore a fine, thin line of eyeliner as she rocked some rosy cheeks and a clear, glossed lip.

Kiernan Shipka and the evolution of her infamous pose

Shortly after Kiernan posted the “arctic grape” photo to her Instagram profile, she then went to her Instagram Stories, posting what looked like the evolution of her “hand on face” pose.

Kiernan Shipka Pose Evolution
Pic credit: Kiernan Shipka/Instagram

The variety of photos featured four different shots, in which she was all in the same position. 

However, all the pictures that were represented were highlighting Kiernan at all different stages throughout her life.

For example the first picture, Kiernan was just a little girl, but still, she was crouched down with her hand gently placed under her chin.

This picture was a great representation of Kiernan’s evolution and transformation throughout the years. 

In hopes of another infamous pose, we can’t wait to see what the gorgeous young actress serves us next.

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