Kiernan Shipka shows skin in sheer-black lingerie top

Close up shot of Kiernan Shipka
Kiernan Shipka poses under the moonlight in a black blazer with a lingerie-like bralette underneath as she strikes a pose. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Kiernan Shipka looked like she was in her natural element as she posed under a sky illuminated only by the moon.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star wore an open blazer and a tiny lingerie top underneath the jacket.

The actress looked like a natural model as she struck a casual pose in the impromptu photoshoot.

She posted the skin-baring share on her Instagram Story, where fans could not double-tap or comment, but they could respond directly to the actress.

And with 7.9 million Instagram fans and followers, it would be fair to assume that the 22-year-old received a few responses.

Sabrina tagged Christian Coppola, a director who has worked with the gorgeous actress on other occasions.

Kiernan Shipka poses in open black blazer under the moon

Based on the latest share, the two make a dynamic duo with aesthetically pleasing shots, highlighting Kiernan’s captivating beauty.

Kiernan posed with a backdrop of dark skies in a chic blazer with gold buttons. The blazer was completely open to reveal a sheer lace bralette underneath, leaving little to the imagination and sharing a peek at her abs.

Kiernan paired the blazer and lingerie top combo with medium-wash blue jeans and a black leather belt with a heart as the buckle.

kiernan shipka in lingerie top
Pic credit: @kiernanshipka/Instagram

Kiernan looked at the sky with her blonde locks in a low ponytail and pieces of her bangs framing her pretty face. She accessorized with a gold necklace featuring a large animal pendant and a colorful Christian Dior purse.

Sabrina sparked Kiernan’s interest in spirituality

As the star of the Netflix series Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, Mad Men alum actress Kiernan had to learn about a new world.

Like Melissa Joan Hart before her, Kiernan delved into the wonderful world of witchcraft for her role as half-witch, half-mortal, Sabrina Spellman.

Kiernan told Stylist in 2019 exactly what her preparations entailed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the show piqued her spiritual interests.

Kiernan said, “Growing up in LA I was a bit woo-woo, but being in Sabrina has definitely inspired that further. I’ve always been curious about spiritual things, healing powers, crystals.”

She informed the magazine that there were practicing witches who worked as writers on the show, which made sense given the subject matter.

Kiernan continued, “It always sparks my interest. We have a few practicing witches on our show, a few writers are [witches], which is awesome. I also went to see a medium and watched a lot of movies that surround that kind of thing.”

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