Kiernan Shipka shows off abs in hot pink bra

Kiernan Shipka smiles into camera.
Kiernan Shipka showed off her abs in a hot pink bra and cape. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Kiernan Shipka, known for her role as Sally Draper in Mad Men, recently showed off her abs in a hot pink bra and a superhero cape.

The hot pink outfit, which included a bra, skirt, and cape, were all very on trend with the recent rise in Barbiecore. The Barbiecore trend gained popularity amongst news of the upcoming 2023 film with Margot Robbie, Barbie.

Kiernan’s take on the trend had a hot pink bra tied with a bow in the front and a skirt that rose above her belly button — allowing the camera to show off her toned abs.

The cape connected in front of the 22-year-old actress’ collarbone and fell open around her arms. This, in addition to the large yellow headband with a centered red star and black wig that was inspired by Wonder Woman, gave Kiernan powerful superhero vibes.

Kiernan’s makeup was classic with dark eyeshadow and lashes, and a deep red lipstick that drew out her beautiful features. The grainy quality of the photo gave it a feeling of nostalgia, almost as if Kiernan had been defending justice in hot pink for many years.

The Swimming with Sharks actress posed authoritatively with her hands on her hips while staring into the camera. The city behind her acted as a backdrop and illuminated her compelling look.

Kiernan Shipka speaks about her fashion choices

Kiernan opened up to Vogue about her favorite outfits and fashion choices.

“My staple is a pair of Madewell jeans, I couldn’t live without them,” the actress said.

“They’re high-waisted and flared and I wear them all the time. A pair of Miu Miu boots that I always have on and a good pair of sneakers, right now I’m totally into Adidas Stan Smiths. A good pair of sunglasses, for sure. I’m also going to go with a power accessory of some sort, maybe a necklace or bracelet, something bold to pop an outfit,” she continued.

Kiernan Shipka speaks on beliefs and astrology

In another interview with Byrdie, Kiernan touched on her beliefs.

“I approach everything with a little bit of skepticism, and I’m not going to call myself a witch by any means because I know that there are practicing witches out there,” Kiernan said. “But I definitely do believe in and vibe with that kind of stuff.”

Kiernan went on to say, “The last time I was in L.A., I saw a medium for the first time. It was something I’d always wanted to do. And I love looking at astrology.”

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