Key Glock arrested: Video shows rapper detained by police in Miami

Rapper Key Glock arrested
Police arrest rapper Key Glock. Pic credit: @vladTV/Instagram

Police officers arrested rapper Key Glock (Markeyvius Cathey) in Miami, Florida, on Sunday. Video of the rapper being detained and then taken away by an officer emerged on social media and YouTube on Monday.

The Memphis-born rapper was reportedly arrested after the 2019 Rolling Loud Miami music festival wrapped up late on Sunday.

He was detained for a while before being led away in handcuffs. As he is being taken away some witnesses began calling, “Free Key.”

It wasn’t clear at first why Key Glock was arrested but it was later confirmed that he was arrested on marijuana and weapons charges.

He was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and possession of marijuana in excess of 20 grams. Bond for the various charges was set at $5,000 and $7,5000, according to

Initial uncertainty about the cause of the arrest led to speculation on social media that the police authorities were taking advantage of Rolling Loud music festival to crack down on “rich black millionaires.”

“Sad but I seen this attack coming on hip hop years ago via social media,” a rap fan commented on  YouTube.

“Is rolling loud a sting operation or something? How many rappers done got arrested there?” another asked.

“Rollin loud was a set up obviously,” a third claimed.

Several others agreed with the “setup” conspiracy theory.

“These c******s are coming for all y’all young black millionaires be careful you gotta know they don’t like it,” a YouTuber wrote.

But others tried to shut down the conspiracy theories making the rounds online by pointing out that several other black rappers performed at the festival without being harassed or arrested by the police.

Key Glock is the latest rapper who attended Rolling Loud music festival to be arrested by police authorities. Kodak Black and JayDaYoungan were arrested on Saturday.

Kodak was arrested before his set on firearms charges, while JayDaYoungan was arrested on charges of felony drug possession.

JayDaYoungan was released on Sunday afternoon while Kodak remains in a federal detention center in Miami. His bail hearing has reportedly been set for Wednesday.

TMZ reported that Kodak Black was arrested specifically because authorities believed he gave misleading information on two of his applications to purchase firearms last year. He was accused of lying about not being under an indictment for a crime that could send him to jail for more than a year.

But Kodak is, in fact, facing jail time of more than a year following investigations on charges that he sexually assaulted a teenager in 2016.

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