Kevin Hart upset Michael Jordan by making fun of his pants and moustache

Kevin Hart recounts his story about Michael Jordan on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Kevin Hart recounts his story about Michael Jordan on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kevin Hart has revealed he thinks he’s in Michael Jordan’s bad books — after making fun of the basketball legend’s moustache and how high he wears his pants.

The comedian told Jimmy Kimmel Live how he hasn’t seen Jordan — who he said was his favourite NBA player of all time — since the incident at a charity event, saying: “I pissed Mike off!”

Recounting the tale, he told how he was asked to host the event for Jordan but when he started his routine on stage nobody seemed to be laughing.

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He added: “I’m like ‘hey man loosen up, relax man, you’re here to have a good time!’. So as I’m saying stuff I lock eyes with Mike — he’s in the front row — and I start teasing him.

“I was like, ‘man what age do you get to where it’s OK to wear your pants that high and nobody addresses is. Ya’ll tell me I’m the only one who thinks Mike’s pants is past the legal limit for waists?’.

“It was like fun jokes. He had a little square moustache at the time and I said ‘what is that? It looks like a thumb print, like you just smelled something!’.”

Hart told how he tried another joke after that, but still nobody laughed and Jordan gave him a look as if to say “you going to keep on going, or you going to stop?”

Afterwards, Hart went up to MJ and shook his hand. He said: “I’m like ‘what up Mike!’ and he shook my hand and he squeezed it real hard and he was like [growls] you have a good day.’ I ain’t seen him since!’

But Hart added: “He’s stil my favorite player though.”

Watch the interview with Hart on Jimmy Kimmel below, as he recounts the full story.

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