Kevin Hart dragged for looking like a ‘Burger King manager’ in this photo

Kevin Hart on the red carpet in Las Vegas
Kevin Hart is being compared to a Burger King manager in his latest photo. Pic credit: ©

What do you risk when you wear an earth-toned striped polo shirt? For Kevin Hart, it’s being compared to a manager at a fast-food chain.

The Philadelphia-born comedian and actor posted a series of two photos to social media while wearing different outfits. In one photo, Hart was wearing a gold-toned button-up shirt covered in multiple patterns. He posed in front of flower bushes and a bright blue sky – presumably on a backyard balcony of some sort.

The other photo, however, was the one that had fans commenting with their hilarious comparisons. The picture showed Hart in a red, green, brown, and yellow horizontal-striped polo shirt. The bold top, coincidentally containing all of the colors involved in typical fast food items, was matched with brown pants and shiny brown shoes.

Kevin Hart was compared to a cheeseburger and Burger King manager

In the post, Hart shouted out stylist Ashley North for styling his outfits.

While he was color coordinated as he stood outside in the sun, followers of the comedian couldn’t help but throw some shade his way for the way his shirt made him look.

Most of the comments on Hart’s photos compared the actor to resembling a Burger King manager or just a burger itself.

“#LilSwag #LiveLoveLaugh ….styled by @ashleynorthstyle,” Hart wrote in his caption.

Fans commented on Kevin Hart’s post with hilarious comparisons to Burger King

Although there were comments complimenting the comedian’s ensemble, many of the top replies dragged Hart for looking like the manager of the popular burger joint.

One follower commented, “My boy looking like a Burger King Manager in this jawn,” to which another user replied, “I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought the same thing.”

Comment about Kevin Hart looking like a Burger King manager
Pic credit: @kevinhart4real/Instagram

Another fan joked, “Burger King called they want ]their] uniform back ?”

Burger King wants their uniform back comment
Pic credit: @kevinhart4real/Instagram

Another comment compared Kevin Hart to the fictional burger from the show Spongebob Squarepants – the infamous Krabby Patty. “My boy looking like a delicious Krabby Patty,” user @jolieliz_ wrote.

Comment comparing Kevin to a Krabby patty
Pic credit: @kevinhart4real/Instagram

Fans even took to Twitter to post side-by-side comparisons of Hart next to photos of cheeseburgers.

One user joked, “Kevin Hart’s new role will be as the Whopper Jr. in the live action movie The Burger King and I.”

Some fans were even curious if Hart has a collaboration with Burger King on the way because of his shirt.

“As much of a brand as Kevin Hart is I wouldn’t be surprised if he did have a burger king ad on the way,” one user wrote.

User @hazeycazeytv wrote, “Burger King better be paying Kevin Hart for this.”

Luckily, as the all-in comedian that he is, it can be assumed that Hart can take the joke and laugh at the fact that his shirt resembles one that a Burger King manager would wear.

In the meantime, fans can be on the lookout to see if there will be a possible collaboration with the burger chain soon, or if Hart was simply just rocking a striped shirt in front of a rock wall.

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