Keo Curry death: Tributes pour in after fixie legend passes away

Keo Curry death
Fixed-gear community mourns the death of legend Keo Curry. Pic credit: Shogaimag//YouTube

Keo Curry, a fixed-gear freestyle legend and inventor of the ‘Keo Spin,’ has passed away.

The Yellow Bike Company confirmed his death on Instagram with the following statement.

“Today, we lost a legend, a friend, a legend and an icon. It’s heartbreaking to hear that we lost the great [Keo Curry]. The statement continues “The man who revolutionized the fixed gear scene and the man who invented the Keo Spin. Thanks Keo. You’ll be badly missed. Rest in power buddy.”

Keo Curry’s cause of death has not been revealed. The fixed-gear cyclists’ community paid tribute to Curry on social media following his untimely death.

Keo Curry hails from Seattle, Washington and is credited with popularizing the sport of fixed-bike cycling. He developed numerous bike tricks in his career including the Keo Rock and Keo Spin.

In 2009, Keo Curry starred in David Rowe’s documentary Fast Friday, which explored the bike scene in his hometown of Seattle.

A year later, Keo explored rising fixed-gear cycle scene in Los Angeles in a follow-up documentary: To Live & Ride in L.A.

Keo Curry doesn’t have much of a social media presence; however, there are numerous videos of the fixie legend on YouTube. His Instagram page, which is set to private has the following bio “Always Good on 2 Wheels, No bikes that click and ones that are faster then bullets out of a stick.”

In a 2011 interview with L.A Weekly, fixed-gear cyclist Sean Martin credits Keo as a pioneer in the fixed-gear cyclist scene.

“Keo was the first person to focus on doing tricks on the fixed-gear bike,” notes Martin. “Until then, if you were going to come out to an event, you were going to race. He brought [tricks] to the forefront.”

Keo Curry is credited with influencing the fixed gear communities of his hometown of Seattle, California, and Japan.

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