Kendis Gibson leaving ABC World News Now: Watch his colleagues’ hilarious reaction

Kendis Gibson
Kendis Gibson has announced that he’s leaving ABC World News Now. Pic credit: @kendisgibson/Instagram

Kendis Gibson announced this morning that he is leaving ABC World News Now — and that this Friday, December 21, would be his final day on air.

In footage from the show, which has since been shared on Twitter, Gibson interrupted his co-anchor while she dished the latest news about Offset and Cardi B to reveal that he’s leaving the program behind.

The Belize native explained that he had decided to depart the overnight show to join the “daywalkers”. The news was met with a hilarious reaction from his colleagues who, as he announced the news, celebrated in the background with clapping and dancing. One person screamed out, “Finally!”

The segment then aired a spoof video about the breaking news that Kendis Gibson was leaving World News Now, claiming that he was quitting the show because he feels he’s “better than everyone else”. The segment also revealed that viewers will find out on his final episode what Kendis will be doing after World News Now.

Kendis Gibson’s first day on World News Now was back in December 2014, and over the past four years he’s covered everything from breaking news to the presidential race. He also revealed that during the time on the show he has worked on no sleep and even through food poisoning to deliver the news.

Gibson previously worked with WJLA-TV as a news anchor. Before that, he spent a year with CBS News, and two years at FOX 5 San Diego as a news anchor. Gibson has also worked with HGTV, CNN, NBC News, and WHEC-TV in Rochester, New York.

As his LinkedIn explains, he loves telling stories and has done so for 20 years. As for his future plans? It looks likely that he’ll be staying in the industry, but with a job that gives him a bit more sleep.

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