Kelly Ripa is gushing about Complexions Contemporary Ballet

Kelly Ripa smiling close up
Kelly Ripa feels inspired after seeing a beautiful Complexions Contemporary Ballet performance, and she encourages others to follow suit. Pic credit: © Nacion/

Kelly Ripa felt so inspired by a recent theatrical performance that she encouraged others to follow suit and see the spectacle for themselves, and she did so while dressed to the nines.

This week, Kelly took to her Instagram to gush about Complexions Contemporary Ballet.

The daytime talk show queen treated her 3.3 million Instagram followers to photos taken from The Joyce Theater, a Chelsea-area venue where the ballet took place.

She told her followers they needed to see the show, and she even posted a photo of herself in a gorgeous black dress she wore to the performance.

Kelly got a shot with some of the dancers after the show, which she posted on her social media accounts. Kelly explained in the caption that she was blown away by the excellence of the dancers.

It was clear that Ripa had a great time at the performance and wanted everyone to experience the same.

Kelly Ripa stuns at Complexions Contemporary Ballet performance

Kelly opened the IG carousel strongly with a photo of four beautiful women, one of whom was Kelly in a braless, black, cutout gown. Each lady rocked a different color, with gowns of forest green, black, white, and red on each of the four ladies. The women all smiled brightly in a photo taken at the event.

A swipe right showed a pamphlet from the special night hosted by the Howard Gilman Foundation. As the pamphlet denoted, fans of the arts could view the spectacle from November 22- December 2.

The fifth picture showed photos of the honorary guests, including Kelly. Other well-known names included The Fresh Prince actress Phylicia Rashad and Law and Order’s Courtney B. Vance.

As a New Yorker who has worked in Manhattan for years, Kelly has long shown an appreciation for the arts. But Kelly’s appreciation hasn’t been limited to dancing. She also indicated an enjoyment for the written word, writing a New York Times bestseller of her own.

Kelly Ripa’s Live Wire bestselling book

Kelly Ripa finally introduced Live Wire to the public in September after months of social media promotion.

The Harper Collins published book is filled with anecdotes and short stories by Kelly.

Kelly proudly displayed her accomplishments, including her New York Times Bestseller entry for her writing contribution on her IG feed.

She explained in her caption that she never thought a best-selling book would be possible but that she achieved the unthinkable.

Fans can purchase Live Wire online and at Barnes & Noble.

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