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Kelly Ripa highlights killer legs in an injury boot

Kelly Ripa close up
Kelly Ripa smiling close up. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa is showing off her toned legs and her sense of humor in a photo that likely turned many heads this week.

The Live! host updated her Instagram with a shot from 2015, one bringing in a little medical equipment and featuring 1996-married husband Mark Consuelos.

Posting as she makes headlines for gearing up for her book tour, Kelly shared a snap of herself and Mark seated and wearing matching walking boots – the blonde injured herself at a dance class, hence the boot.

The image showed the couple perched on steps and indoors. Kelly was wearing a black top that might have been a minidress – a pile of books on her thighs obstructed the view a little.

The focal point was the medical boot she had on, and her husband Mark wasn’t going to let his wife suffer alone. The Riverdale actor, wearing a black tee and sweatpants, donned the same footwear, with Kelly and Mark both looking depressed and down in the dumps.

In a caption, Kelly wrote, “#tbt 2015 You should have seen the other couple.”

While the image is a throwback, fans are never tired of seeing Kelly and her husband Mark. The couple also proves popular as they share photos of children Michael, Joquin, and Lola. As to the injury, Kelly did fill fans in on the accident that happened while she was dancing.

Kelly Ripa reveals nasty ankle injury

Viewers of Live! were let in on the details. Kelly stated:

“It sounded like bubble wrap,” she continued, recalling the moment she stepped on a hand weight and broke four bones in her foot. “Somebody either left it not on their mat or maybe kicked it when they were dancing. All I know is I did a jump… and I landed on the weight. My foot went over and under the weight,” she added.

Per Kelly, her doctor informed her that she’d need a minimum of six weeks inside the boot.

Kelly Ripa fitter than ever at 51

Years later, Kelly continues to make headlines for being fighting fit and looking far younger than her 51 years.

Kelly, who works out with trainer Anna Kaiser, is often spotted walking around NYC. Earlier this year, she and Mark ran a 5k while in Michigan.

Kelly’s healthy edge has also attracted a brand – she fronts tailored vitamins company Persona Nutrition. Her photo has clocked over 30,000 likes.